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#17 Cover from Korea

My second cover from Kim Yeonjoon! This time I received it while I was on vacation in Malaysia.

Thank you very much Joony!

#16 Photo from Netherlands

A self-made photo card received from Netherlands through postcrossing while on vacation in Malaysia.

This is the cover used.

The photo shows a door. The sender, Gerda, told me that she likes to collect door pictures. Thank you Gerda!

#15 Postcard from United States

Second postcard received through postcrossing while I was on vacation in Malaysia!

It’s a painting using gouache and colored pencil technique by Charles Bell 1990 entitled ‘Dodge ’em’.

It was posted on July 17th, 2011 from the Research Triangle Region, North Carolina. Thank you Crystal!

#14 Postcard from Russia

This is the first postcard that I received while having vacation in Malaysia, and it is the first postcard from Russia!

It shows a picture of the Bolshoi Theatre or the Big Theatre in Moscow taken in 1896.

Elina forgot to write my name, I guess… Thank you Elina!

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