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#52 Postcard from Netherlands

A postcard from Netherlands! It’s from Sammy. I sent her a postcard through postcrossing and she sent me this postcard in return. This is my first time to receive a postcard as a reply to my postcard sent through postcrossing.

It was a lovely card with beautiful cartoons!

Thank a lot Sammy!

#51 Postcard from United States

My fifth postcard from USA received through postcrossing!

It shows a beautiful picture of Niagara Falls. I went there with my family during summer last year and it was amazing! In this picture, you can see Maid of the Mist approaching the waterfall.

Thank you Elizabeth, Jason, Garner and Lucian Drake.

#50 Postcard from Russia

Today I received a postcard from Russia through postcrossing. It travelled all the way to Ottawa from Nadym!

This reminds me that winter is approaching soon.

Thank you Natalya!

#49 Postcard from Croatia

My first postcard from Croatia! It’s from Dragan Buskulic. It’s a reply from Dragan after I sent him a cover from Canada.

The front of the postcard shows multiple pictures of Dragan’s hometown, Rijeka.

At the back there is a picture of a clock tower in Rijeka. Thank you Dragan!

#48 Postcard from Slovakia

My first postcard from Slovakia! It was received through postcrossing.

The front of the postcard shows a picture of the High Tatras – the highest mountain range in Slovakia.

The postmark date is September 4th, 2011. Thank you Ivan!

#47 Cover from Malaysia

Another cover that I posted myself while I was on vacation in Malaysia. Again, this cover was posted from the northern state of Penang.

You can see the postmark location is GPO P. Pinang, and the date is August 10th, 2011. I affixed two stamps of star anise.

#46 Postcard from Taiwan

Postcard from Taiwan received through postcrossing!

The front shows a drawing of a cartoon character from Pixar Animation Studios in black and white.

The stamp used shows characters from the famous classical story ‘Journey to the West.’ The postmark date is August 10th, 2011.

Thank you Sarah!

#45 Postcard from China

Postcard from China received through postcrossing, and it shows a picture of a giant panda!!

I think any country that possesses specific or unique animals that do not exist in other countries must be very lucky. What more if that animal is cute like a giant panda!

It was sent from Shanghai to Ottawa on August 3rd, 2011. If you also think giant panda is cute, watch the following video:

Thank you Liz!

#44 Cover and stamps from Malaysia

Another cover from Malaysia! It’s from Ian Choong.

On the cover, Ian affixed two stamps; one from 2010 and the other from 2011. Both stamps are related to the east Malaysia state of Sabah.

Inside the cover, Ian sent two souvenir sheets of stamps:

The first sheet contains four stamps of semi-aquatic animals.

The second sheet is about unique birds of Malaysia.

Thank you very much Ian!

#43 Postcard from Finland

My second postcard from Finland, received through postcrossing.

It shows a picture of flowers and strawberries. Nice mixture of colors!

Thank you Poinsetta!

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