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#65 Postcard from Belarus

My first postcard from Belarus! Received through postcrossing.

Postmark date is 31 October 2011.

Thank you Marina!

#64 Cover from Spain

A cover from my dear Spanish friend, Emilio addressed to my home in Penang, Malaysia.

The postmark date is September 14, 2011. Thank you Emilio, and wishing you a prosperous future!

#63 Cover from France

My first cover from France! It’s from David Jastrzebski.

Thank you!

#62 Cover from Austria

My first cover from Austria. It’s from Dr. Florian H. Tirk.

Thank you Florian!

#61 Postcard from Russia

A postcard from Russia received through postcrossing.

I think it’s pancakes or krepes topped with cherries. Looks yummy!

Thank you Julia.

#60 Cover and Postcard from Crotia

Cover from my Crotian friend, Dragan Buskulic.

Inside is a postcard showing a picture of Hum, holder of the title smallest town in the world by Guinness World Records.

Thank you Dragan!

#59 Cover from Indonesia

A cover sent by my Indonesian friend, Irence Chen.

Four Indonesia-Malaysia jointly-issued commemorative stamps. Thank you Irene!

#58 Postcard from United States

A postcard from New York, U.S.A. received through postcrossing.

It shows a beatiful drawing of New York City skyline.

A New York postcard, made in Korea! Thanks Kate.

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