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All the lovely letters and postcards from all around the world sent to Maryam

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2012-02-27 Outgoing Mails: Oman, UAE & USA

Three mails into the drop box today:

2012-02-26 Outgoing Mails: Austria, China & Germany

Three mails out today:

2012-02-24 Outgoing Mails: Argentina, France, India, Libya & Venezuela

A total of five mails going out today:

#103 Postcard from Russia

Another postcard from Russia received through postcrossing!

It’s from Anastasia in Saint Petersburg. As she explained at the back, the words on the picture means “It’s not May!”

Thank you Anastasia!

#102 Postcard from Croatia

A postcard from Croatia, sent by Dragan Buskulic.

It shows the city of Dubrovnik on the coast of Adriatic sea.

Thank you Dragan!

#101 Postcard from Lithuania

My first postcard from Lithuania received through postcrossing! It’s very cute!!

It’s from Inga.

Thank you Inga!

#100 Cover and Postcard from Algeria

Another Algerian cover by Ouari Khemissi! Two covers in two days!!

Inside the cover is a postcard.

Thanks a lot Ouari!

#99 Cover from Algeria

Algerian cover sent by Ouari Khemissi.

Thank you Ouari!

#98 Postcard from Netherlands

A postcard from Netherlands received through postcrossing.

It’s from Bea Pennings.

Thank you Bea!

#97 Postcard from Spain

A postcard from Canary Islands, Spain received through postcrossing.

It was sent by Natalie.

Thanks a lot!

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