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2012-03-30 Outgoing Mails: South Korea & U.A.E.

Two mails going out today:

#147 Cover from United Arab Emirates

My first contact with United Arab Emirates! Today I received a cover from K.S. Alwy in Sharjah, U.A.E.

On the cover, Alwy affixed four flower stamps and two definitive falcon stamps. The postmark date is March 24, 2012 Рabout five days to leave U.A.E. and arrive in Ottawa.  Thank you very much Alwy!

#146 Postcard from New Zealand

My first contact with New Zealand! A postcard from Lee Gordon in Tauranga, New Zealand received through postcrossing!

What a cute little lamb!

Thanks Lee!

2012-03-29 Outgoing Mails: 9 mails & 2 postcards! See content for list of destinations

Several items to the drop box today!

9 Covers: Algeria, China (4x), Indonesia, Italy, Spain and South Korea.

2 Postcards: Malaysia and USA.

For the cover to Italy, I plan to send it to the first place to see the sun in Northern America and mail it from there to Italy!

#145 Postcard from Denmark

My first contact with Denmark! A Danish postcard received through postcrossing. Actually I received it last year, somewhere in August I believe, but I was on vacation and only managed to have it registered on September 18, 2011. Perhaps I missed it and forgot to post it here. Just now I was organizing my box of covers and postcards I found this postcard.

It shows places of interest around the country.

The postmark date is July 18, 2011 (and I registered it a bit late!). Thanks Rita for the postcard, and sorry for keeping you waiting!! ūüė¶

#144 Cover from China

The last item of the day, a third cover from Wei Xu:

On this cover, Wei Xu affixed five pretty flower stamps just like last one. I really love all the flowers, they are awesome! So altogether this week I received five covers from Wei Xu. I shall need some time to think and come up with nice covers to send back to China! Thank you very much Wei Xu for all these lovely covers!

#143 Cover from China

A second cover from Wei Xu:

On the cover, Wei Xu affixed five beautiful flower stamps. The postmark date is March 12, 2012. Thank you Wei Xu!

#142 Cover from China

Today I received three covers from Wei Xu! This is the first one:

Wei Xu affixed five bird stamps, and the postmark date is March 12, 2012. Thank you Wei Xu!

#141 Postcard from Netherlands

The second item that I received in my mailbox today is a postcard from Netherlands. It was sent by Yvon through postcrossing. The postcard shows two muppets. They look like characters from Sesame Street!

Yvon wrote about the early Spring in Netherlands, wow! The weather in Ottawa in very unpredictable this year. We had such a warm winter. It just last week the temperature rocketted to +29 celcius! Everyone was already wearing shirts and shorts, and ready to embrace the long awaited Summer. However this week suddenly the temperature dropped to -14 celcius! Everyone had to put their winter clothes again.

On the back, Yvon affixed three nice stamps. The postmark date is March 20, 2012 also! Thank you Yvon.

#140 Postcard from Belarus

Today I received five items in my mailbox. Let’s go through them one by one. The first item is a postcard from Belarus.

It was sent by Victor and Natalia, and I read it from their profile that both of them are 62 years old! Such a lovely couple!

At the back of the postcard, they wrote a simple message. The cancel is very pretty, although I cannot read it. The postmark date is March 20, 2012. Thank you Victor and Natalia!

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