Lovely letters & postcards for Maryam

All the lovely letters and postcards from all around the world sent to Maryam

#141 Postcard from Netherlands

The second item that I received in my mailbox today is a postcard from Netherlands. It was sent by Yvon through postcrossing. The postcard shows two muppets. They look like characters from Sesame Street!

Yvon wrote about the early Spring in Netherlands, wow! The weather in Ottawa in very unpredictable this year. We had such a warm winter. It just last week the temperature rocketted to +29 celcius! Everyone was already wearing shirts and shorts, and ready to embrace the long awaited Summer. However this week suddenly the temperature dropped to -14 celcius! Everyone had to put their winter clothes again.

On the back, Yvon affixed three nice stamps. The postmark date is March 20, 2012 also! Thank you Yvon.


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