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#216 Postcard from Spain

My last item of today is a postcard from Spain received through postcrossing, sent by Caroline.

The postcard shows an image of flamenco dancer. Flamenco dance originates from Andalusia, Spain.


The postmark date is 23 April 2012, and the location is Seville, the provincial capital of Andalusia. Thank you Caroline!

#215 Cover and card from Russia

Today I received a cover from Russia through postcrossing, sent by postcrosser Dinara.

This is the cover. Dinara affixed five stamps on the cover. The postmark date is 14 April 2012.

Inside the cover, instead of a postcard, Dinara sent me a greeting card in Russian. Thank you Dinara.

#214 Postcard with cancel from Niagara Falls, Ontario

Two weeks ago I went to Niagara Falls. It was my third visit. During my second visit last year, I sent a cover from Niagara Falls to my address in Malaysia. This time I bought some postcards but did not have time to write and put them into the mail drop box in Niagara Falls! The same drop box in Clifton Hills. After arriving home, I sent a Niagara Falls postcard to be cancelled there. Today the postcard arrived in my mailbox!

This is the front of the postcard. You can easily see all the three falls that made up the Niagara Falls. At left are American (or Rainbow) Falls and Bridal Veil Falls – both on American side. At right is the big Horseshoe Falls on Canadian side. All three falls are best viewed from Canadian side. Hehehe…

This is the back of the postcard. I affixed a Year of Dragon stamp since 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, so it’s kind of good to combine the dragon stamp on Niagara Falls postcard. The cancel has the Canada Post logo at the center, with the date 2 May 2012, surrounded by Philatelic Canada of Niagara Falls. Thank you very much postmaster!

#213 Cover from Netherlands

Today I received a beautiful cover from Netherlands. It was sent by Paul Besoo as a swap exchange for a Titanic cover.

On the cover, Paul affixed a stamps minisheet that shows characters from children storybooks issued in 1999.  The postmark date is 30 April 2012. Thanks a lot Paul!

#212 Postcard from Netherlands

A postcard from Netherlands received through postcrossing. It was sent by postcrosser Astrid.

It shows a cute little dolphin wishing “Have a nice day.”

The postmark date is 1 May 2012, and the location is Amsterdam. Thank you Astrid!

#211 Postcard from Sabah, Malaysia

Today I received a postcard from Sabah. It was sent by Caroline Chia.

The postcard shows the beautiful Mataking Island. Looking at the postcard makes me really want to go and visit the island – sandy beaches, scuba diving – beautiful corals and exotic fishes!

On the back, Caroline affixed a 50 sen stamp. The postmark date is 23 April 2012, and the location is Tenom, Sabah. Thank you Caroline!

#210 Postcard from China

Today I received a postcard from China, sent by postcrosser Morning.

The postcard shows an excerpt from blue and white porcelain. It looks very pretty, must be expensive…

On the back, Morning affixed seven stamps, including one vignette stamp on top right. The stamps almost covered the whole postcard. There is no postmark applied, the stamps were cancelled by a pen. Thank you Morning!

#209 Cover and photo from Australia

My third cover received through postcrossing forum Round Robin-photo of wild or farm animals. This one is sent by Christine from Queensland, Australia.

What a beautiful cover! There is a small Australia map on top left of the cover. The stamp is cute. The postmark date is 24 April 2012, and the location is Northgate Mail Centre, Queensland.

Inside Christine sent a photo of cattles at a farm. Thank you Christine!

2012-05-07 Outgoing Mails: 2 covers & 8 postcards

New week! Two covers and eight postcards to the dropbox today!

Covers: Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Postcards: China (3x), Finland, Poland, Russia (2x), and Taiwan.

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