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#211 Postcard from Sabah, Malaysia

Today I received a postcard from Sabah. It was sent by Caroline Chia.

The postcard shows the beautiful Mataking Island. Looking at the postcard makes me really want to go and visit the island – sandy beaches, scuba diving – beautiful corals and exotic fishes!

On the back, Caroline affixed a 50 sen stamp. The postmark date is 23 April 2012, and the location is Tenom, Sabah. Thank you Caroline!

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2 thoughts on “#211 Postcard from Sabah, Malaysia

  1. Nawal Hanafiah on said:

    Hi, I chanced on your blog as I was looking for places that sell nice postcards at reasonable price. I am a member of as with my son and I am always on the lookout for nice interesting postcards to send. Would you be able to share if you know of any good places? I normally buy mine at BSC, from the photo shop at the ground floor or from Central Market. The normally range from RM1.20 – 1.50. I have seen the same ones sold at RM2.00 or 2.50 which I refuse to buy as I think that would be daylight robbery. When in KK I managed to get a few really good ones and they have been favourited many times.

    Hoping to hear from you. Thank you.

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