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#283 Postcard from Germany

Today I received a postcard from Germany, sent by postcrosser Mirko for the castle tag in postcrossing forum.

Mirko sent me a postcard of the Moritzburg Castle near Dresden.

Mirko affixed two beautiful stamps on the back. The postmark date is 23 May 2012. Thank you Mirko!

#282 Postcard from United Kingdom

This is the second postcard that I sent home while on vacation in London, United Kingdom two weeks ago.

It shows the Tower Bridge, one of the most famous landmarks of London.

Again, no postmark applied. All five of us took the Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off Tour around London and we passed through the bridge on 15 May 2012. I remember that while we were crossing the bridge, suddenly there was a heavy freezing rain from the sky!

#281 Postcard from United Kingdom

Two weeks ago I was visiting London, United Kingdom. I managed to write some postcards and send them back home. Today I received two of them.

The first postcard shows a double image of firework at London Eye. The postcard was damaged a bit by water, and the scanner is not able to capture the double image of the postcard.

No postmark applied to the stamp. All five of us was on London Eye on the evening of 10 May 2012.

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