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#388 Cover from Kedah, Malaysia

During my long summer vacation in Malaysia, I visited Padang Besar, the border town between Perlis, the northenmost (and smallest) state in West Malaysia; and Thailand. I stopped at the Post Office there and asked for Perlis state definitive stamps. The post clerk told me that they don’t have any state definitive stamps there. I should go and check their post office in the state capital, Kangar for those stamps. Again, I had no choice but to buy Malaysia definitive stamps and use them on the cover I am sending back to my address in Canada. So here is the cover:

The postmark date is 19 July 2012 but the location is not Perlis but Alor Setar, the state capital of Kedah!! Perhaps since Perlis is such a small state, all letters mailed from there are collected and cancelled in Alor Setar in Kedah instead of Kangar in Perlis.


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One thought on “#388 Cover from Kedah, Malaysia

  1. Basically, nowaday, you would not get any state definitive stamp from the counter. Those definitive stamp is treated as “special issue”.

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