Lovely letters & postcards for Maryam

All the lovely letters and postcards from all around the world sent to Maryam

#534 Cover and Photos from India

Another cover from Saujanya Golwelkar of Karnataka, India. This one is for Photo RR in postcrossing forum.

On this cover, Saujanya affixed a minisheet that contains two stamps. The minisheet depicts the Urs Festival of Dargah Sharif in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

There are two nice photos inside. The first photo shows the Temple of Venugopala Swamy in Mysore, Karnataka. For more than 70 years the temple was submerged in water due to a dam construction in 1930. In 2004 the temple was relocated to a higher ground.

The second photo is a RAS photo! It shows a rail motor car that serve the Kalka-Shimla Railway route. The railway route is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The rail motor car was imported from England in 1939 and is still being used! Thanks a lot Saujanya!



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