Lovely letters & postcards for Maryam

All the lovely letters and postcards from all around the world sent to Maryam

#578 Postcard from Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia          Kedah          Perak

A second postcard from the beautiful island of Langkawi in Kedah, that I received. This one is from postcrosser Dani N. for North America meets the World RR in postcrossing forum.

2012-12-01 Langkawi 1a

Dani sent a nice postcard showing an eagle catching fish in Langkawi. The island of Langkawi is full with eagles. During my visit to Langkawi in summer 2009, I joined two cruises where we stopped for eagle feeding. The boatmen threw some meat into the sea and then we waited patiently in our boat for the eagles to come.

2012-12-01 Langkawi 1b

At the back, Dani affixed one definitive bird stamp and one commemorative spider stamp. The postmark date is 19 November 2012 and the location is Ipoh, Perak. Thank you Dani!


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