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#766 Postcard from Nova Scotia

Canada          Nova Scotia

A postcard of Ontario posted from Nova Scotia by postcrosser Penelop in postcrossing forum.

2013-05-30 Nova Scotia a

The postcard shows a raccoon – so cute!

2013-05-30 Nova Scotia b

At the back, Penelop affixed four colorful stamps. The postmark date is 24 May 2013 and the location is Clementsvale in Nova Scotia. Thanks a lot Penelop!

#765 Cover from Bangladesh


Today I am so surprised to receive a cover from Bangladesh! It’s from Muhammad Nurul Amin.

2013-05-30 Bangladesh

On the cover, Amin affixed six stamps. Two cancels were applied on the stamps with postmark 22 April 2013. Thank you very much Amin!

#764 Cover from Czech Republic

Czech Republic

A cover from Czech Republic, sent by postcrosser Klara Blahosova for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-05-29 Czech Republic

On the cover, Klara affixed one stamp from the Europa series. Two special cancels were applied with date 2 May 2013 and location Prague. Thanks a lot Klara!

#763 Cover from China


A cover from China, sent by Wei Xu.

2013-05-29 China

On the cover, Wei Xu affixed one large souvenir sheet. The postmark date is 3 May 2013. Thanks a lot Wei Xu!

#762 Cover from Italy

Italy          Italy-Campania

A cover from Italy, sent by Salvatore Izzo.

2015-05-25 Italy

On the cover, Salvatore affixed three stamps. One of the stamps commemorates the 90th year of the Italian Air Force, and the other two stamps show festivals and celebrations in Italy. There were two special cancels and one ordinary cancel applied with different date. The special cancels were dated 31 December 2012 with location Pompeii while the ordinary cancel was dated 6 May 2013 with location Napoli CMP. Thanks a lot Salvatore!

#761 Cover from Germany


A cover from Germany, sent by postcrosser Ulrich Beenen for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2015-05-25 Germany

It’s a long cover with a window! This is my first time to receive a cover with window for my collection. On the cover, Ulrich affixed one (upper left corner block) Europa 2013 stamp and five definitive stamps. Two special cancels were applied on the cover. The cancels commemorate the anniversary of the Port of Hamburg. The postmark date is 10 May 2013. Thanks a lot Ulrich!

#760 Postcard from Croatia


A postcard from Croatia, sent by Dragan Buskulic.

2015-05-25 Croatia

The postcard commemorates the 140th anniversary of the National Theatre of Varaždin. The postmark date is 13 May 2013. Thanks a lot Dragan!

#759 Postcard from India


A surprise postcard from India, received long time ago when I was on winter vacation. It’s from Partha Sarathi Nanda of Odisha, and it’s my first postcard from the state of Odisha!

2015-05-25 India a

The postcard was issued by India Post and it features a stamp of Ravenshaw College (now Ravenshaw University) in Cuttack, Odisha.

2015-05-25 India b

At the back of the postcard, Partha affixed two stamps. Two philatelic cancels were applied on the stamps with postmark date 15 December 2012 and location Bhubaneswar General Post Office. Thanks a lot Partha!

#758 Cover from Slovenia


A cover from Slovenia, sent by postcrosser Mateja Prijatelj for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-05-21 Slovenia

On the cover, Mateja affixed four Europa stamps, which two of them are vignette stamps. The postmark date is 6 May 2013 and the location is Novo Mesto. The Europa stamps feature a mail bicycle and a mail coach. Thanks a lot Mateja!


#757 FDC from Malaysia


Another FDC from Malaysia, sent by Khor Kok Keong.

2013-05-20 Malaysia 2a

This is a second FDC from the Lighthouses in Malaysia series 2 from Khor. On this cover, Khor affixed three stamps from the issue. One special cancel from the issue was applied plus two ordinary cancels. The postmark date is 30 April 2013 and the location is Ipoh, the state capital of Perak. To see the back of the FDC and the pamphlet containing information about the issue, please read my post #756 here. Thank you very much Khor for these two FDCs!

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