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#741 FDC from Honduras


An FDC from Honduras, sent by Sonia Andrade Lee.

2013-05-10 Honduras (1)

The FDC is about Jeannette Kawas, an enviromental activist who was killed for her works to protect the environment. Honducor honoured her by issuing two portrait stamps of her and six stamps showing the sceneries of Jeannette Kawas National Park, a park that was named  after her. On the FDC Sonia affixed the two portrait stamps. Special cancel of the issue was applied with date 10 December 2012 and location San Pedro Sula.

2013-05-10 Honduras (2)

Inside is a minisheet that contains all six stamps that show the Jeannette Kawas National Park.

2013-05-10 Honduras (3)

These are the information available on the pamphlet.

2013-05-10 Honduras (4)

Thank you very much Sonia!


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