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#842 Postcard from Murmansk, Russia

Russia          Russia-Murmansk

A postcard from Murmansk, Russia, sent by postcrosser Masha for lighthouse or cathedral tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-07-10 Russia 3a

The postcard shows the Murmansk Lighthouse.

2013-07-10 Russia 3b

At the back, Masha affixed four stamps, where one of them is a lighthouse stamp also! A special cancel was applied featuring a ship, and this also matches one of the stamps which shows a ship! The postmark date is 11 June 2013. Thank you very much Masha!


#841 Cover and Postcards from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

A surprise cover from Sri Lanka, sent by Dr. M.J.M. Mikram!

2013-07-10 Sri Lanka a

On the cover, Mikram affixed four stamps featuring animals at Horton Plains National Park. The postmark date is 25 June 2013.

2013-07-10 Sri Lanka b

Inside there are two postcards. This one shows three waterfalls in Sri Lanka: Diyaluma Falls, St. Clair’s Falls, and Ravana Falls.

2013-07-10 Sri Lanka c

This postcard shows a beautiful beach scenery at Beruwala. Thank you very much Mikram!


#840 Cover from Argentina

Argentina          Argentina_Cordoba

A cover from Argentina, sent by postcrosser German Bicego for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-07-10 Argentina

On the cover, German affixed one large souvenir sheet from the International Polar Year 2008 Preservation of the Glacier Regions. There are also two more stamps. The postmark date is 24 June 2013 and the location is Villa Nueva, Cordoba, Argentina. Thank you very much German!

#839 Cover from Oregon, USA

United States          Oregon

A cover from Oregon, USA, sent by postcrosser John Schwab for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-07-10 Oregon

On the cover, John affixed a pair of setenant stamps which shows a city on a planet in outer space and one forever stamp featuring West Virginia. The postmark date is 1 July 2013 and the location is Portland. Thanks a lot John!

#838 Postcard from Croatia

Croatia          Croatia-Opatija

Another pre-stamped postcard from Dragan Buskulic of Croatia.

2013-07-10 Croatia 2

This one commemorates the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Croatia and Japan. On the card, Dragan affixed one additional South Africa 2010 FIFA stamp. Special cancel that marks the accession of Croatio into European Union was applied with postmark date 1 July 2013 with location Opetija. Thanks a lot Dragan!

#837 Postcard from Solovetsky Islands, Russia

Russia          Russia-Arkhangelsk

Another postcard from Russia, this one is a RAS postcard sent by postcrosser Vadim Dmitriev from the Architecture and Landmark RR in postcrossing forum.

2013-07-10 Russia 2a

The postcard shows a picture of Solovestsky Monastery on Solovestsky Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2013-07-10 Russia 2b

At the back, Vadim affixed two commemorative stamps. The postmark date is 17 June 2013. Thanks a lot Vadim!

#836 Postcard from Russia

Russia          Russia-Moscow

A postcard from Russia, sent by postcrosser Diana Choloeva for flower tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-07-10 Russia 1a

The postcard shows a beautiful drawing of iris.

2013-07-10 Russia 1b

At the back, Diana affixed one definitive and one triangular stamp. The postmark date is 7 June 2013 and the location is Moscow. Thanks a lot Diana!

#835 Postcard from Croatia

Croatia          Croatia-Opatija

A pre-stamped postcard from Croatia, sent by Dragan Buskulic.

2013-07-10 Croatia

On the postcard, Dragan affixed five medical-related stamps, one of them a vignette stamp and one definitive stamp. Two special cancels were applied that commemorate the accession of Croatia into European Union. The postmark date is 1 July 2013 and the location is Opatija. Thanks a lot Dragan!

#834 FDC from Taiwan


An FDC from Taiwan, sent by S Chuang.

2013-07-10 Taiwan a

The FDC is about owls of Taiwan. On the cover, Chuang affixed one stamp from the issue and one postage label. The postmark date is 26 June 2013.

2013-07-10 Taiwan b

This is the back of the FDC. Thanks a lot S Chuang!

#833 Cancels from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Canada          Ontario

A cover with cancels from Niagara-on-the-Lake Post Office, Ontario. Please be aware that Niagara-on-the-Lake is a town where Niagara River enters Lake Ontario, not the town near Niagara Falls.

2013-07-10 Ontario

On the cover, I affixed a setenant stamps that commemorate the War of 1812 that feature Charles de Salaberry and Laura Secord. Two pictorial cancels were applied, which feature the clock tower in Niagara-on-the-Lake town. The postmark date is 4 July 2013. Thank you postmaster!

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