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#860 Cover from France


A cover from France, sent by Jean-Pierre Fiquet.

2013-07-23 France

On the cover, Jean-Pierre used one stamp that commemoeates the 100th edition of Tour de France. A machine cancellation was applied with postmark date 15 July 2013. Thanks a lot Jean-Pierre!


#859 Cover from Kedah, Malaysia

Malaysia          Kedah

A special cover from Kedah, Malaysia, sent by Khor Kok Keong.

2013-07-23 Kedah

It’s a long airmail cover with Zahir Mosque picture printed on it’s left side. On the cover, Khor affixed two definitive stamps featuring cocoa and three commemorative stamps from the 100th anniversary of Kedah Postal History. The cover was cancelled at Alor Star Mail Center, the state capital of Kedah. The postmark date is 27 June 2013. Thanks a lot Khor!

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