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#876 Postcard from Norderney Island, Germany

Germany          Germany-Lower Saxony          Germany-Norderney

A postcard from Norderney Island, Germany, sent by postcrosser Gosiek S. who was on vacation there for Vacation RR in postcrossing forum.

2013-08-10 Germany 1a

The postcard shows multiple pictures of Norderney Island, one of the seven East Frisian Islands in the North Sea.

2013-08-10 Germany 1b

At the back, Gosiek affixed one definitive stamp. The postmark date is 10 July 2013. Thanks a lot Gosiek!


#875 Postcard from New York, USA

United States          New York

A postcard from New York, USA, sent by postcrosser Patrick H. for Vacation RR in postcrossing forum.

2013-08-10 New York a

The postcard shows the Montauk Point Lighthouse at the easternmost tip of Long Island, New York. The lighthouse was the first to be constructed in the State of New York.

2013-08-10 New York b

At the back, Pat affixed two stamps. A machine cancel was applied with date 18 July 2013 and location Middle Island, New York. Thanks a lot Pat!

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