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#645 Christmas Card from Austria


A Christmas cover from Austria, sent by Dr. Florian Tirk.

2013-03-17 Austria (1)

ON the cover, Florian affixed three Christmas stamps (one of them is a vignette stamp) and one definitive stamp. Special Christmas cancels were applied with postmark date 29 December 2012, while the ordinary cancel’s date is 28 December 2012. The ordinary postmark’s location is Ilz.

2013-03-17 Austria (2)

Inside is a beautiful Christmas card from UNICEF. Thank you Florian!

#150 Cover from Austria

Last but not least, a cover from Austria sent by Dr. Florian H. Tirk.

On the cover, Florian affixed three stamps. The cancel is pretty, it shows a picture of a musical instrument. I am not sure what is it but it looks like a clarinet or a flute. The postmark date is March 26, 2012. Thank you Florian!

#132 Postcard from Austria

My third postcard today is from Austria. It was sent by postcrosser Anneliese Haas.

It showsa map of Austria with the coat of arms of all nine states in the federation.

The postmark date is March 16, 2012 from the city of Graz. Thank you Anne!

#62 Cover from Austria

My first cover from Austria. It’s from Dr. Florian H. Tirk.

Thank you Florian!

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