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#941 Postcard from Edmonton, Alberta

Canada          Alberta          Alberta-Edmonton

A postcard from Edmonton, the provincial capital of Alberta, sent by Katrina for Canada to Canada tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-09-19 Alberta a

The postcard shows a nightview of Alberta Legislature Building seen from the Great Divide Waterfall.

2013-09-19 Alberta b

At the back, Katrina used one definitve stamp. Thanks a lot Katrina!

#776 Postcard from Calgary, Alberta

Canada          Alberta

A Canadian Rockies postcard from Alberta, sent by postcrosser Allen for Canada tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-06-06 Alberta a

The postcard shows a beautiful view of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park in winter.

2013-06-06 Alberta b

At the back, Allen affixed one Leo zodiac stamp. It was oen cancelled. Thanks a lot Allen!

#723 Cancels from Ralston, Alberta

Canada          Alberta

A cover with cancels from Ralston Post Office in Alberta, Canada.

2013-04-12 Alberta

I used one Year of Snake stamp on the cover. The cancels show the emblem of Canadian Forces Base Suffied where Ralston is located. The emblem features the rattle snake, and hence the reason why the Year of Snake stamp is used. Thank you Postmaster!

#619 Alberta Map Postcard

Canada          Alberta

I shall start with a nice map postcard of Alberta province, Canada.

2013-03-09 Alberta a

This one was sent by Deanna from Saskatchewan (as shown by the machine cancel) for “Show the MAP you offer” tag in postcrossing forum. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, while Calgary is the largest city. It is interesting to note that the city of Lloydminster is located on both sides of the provincial border between Alberta and Saskatchewan!

2013-03-09 Alberta b

The postmark date is December 14, 2012. Thank you Deanna!

#600 Cancels from Edmonton, Alberta

Canada          Alberta          Alberta-Edmonton

A cover with pictorial cancels from Edmonton Post Office, Alberta.

2012-12-06 AB

Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta. The pictorial cancel feature Edmonton City Hall, with motto ‘Alberta’s Capital City’. The postmakr date from the pictorial cancels is unclear, but the machine cancel date is 30 November 2012. Thank you Postmaster.

#572 Cancels from Calgary, Alberta


A cover with pictorial cancels from Calgary Post Office in Alberta.

This is my second cover with cancels from Calgary Post Office. The cancel depicts a cowboy hat and the slogan ‘Heart of the New West’. The postmark date is 21 November 2012. Thank you Postmaster!

#334 Postcard from Lougheed, Alberta

A postcard from Lougheed, Alberta, sent by postcrosser Silke for the Canada-to-Canada tag in postcrossing forum.

The postcard shows Maligne Canyon in Jasper National Park within Canadian Rockies.

At the back, Silke affixed one stamp about Lougheed Hotel, and there is a nice pictorial postmark applied with date 12 June 2012, location Lougheed and a slogan ‘The Friendly Village’. Unfortunately the postmark is not very clear. Thanks a lot Silke!

#312 Cancels from Calgary, Alberta

Last May or June Canada Post issued commemorative stamps about Calgary Stampede. I decided to send one cover with those stamps to my home address in Malaysia via Calgary Post Office in Alberta.

The postmaster of Calgary Post Office affixed two beautiful cancellations with date 14 June 2012, although the machine cancellation date is 15 June 2012. Thank you Postmaster!

#128 Cancel from Orion, AB

Today I received a cover with a cancel from Orion Post Office in Alberta. Unfortunately the postmark date is not clear…

Orion was a thriving town in the past, but now it has become a ghost town! Thank you Postmaster!

#113 Cancel from Coronation, AB

A cover with cancel from Coronation Post Office in Alberta.


Thank you Postmaster!

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