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#940 Cancels from Dalhousie, New Brunswick

Canada          New Brunswick

A cover with cancels from Dalhousie Post Office, New Brunswick.

2013-09-19 New Brunswick

The postmark features the official seal of Dalhousie. Thanks a lot Postmaster!

#165 Cancel from Bath, NB

There were few covers that I sent to my friends wordwide where I put three domestic Year of the Dragon stamps with cancels from Bath Post Office in New Brunswick. The cancel from Bath Post Office depicts a picture of a shower, and since 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, that’s why I prefer to have those covers cancelled there. Then I remember that I still did not have one for my own collection! So I decided to send one cover for myself!

Hence today I received the cover, with a domestic Year of the Dragon stamp, with a nice cancel from Bath! Looks like my dragon is ready to take a shower!! Thank you very much Postmaster!


#110 Cancel from Caraquet, NB

A cover with cancel from Caraquet Post Office in New Brunswick.

Thank you Postmaster!

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