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#175 Postcard from Finland

Another postcard received yesterday through postcrossing, sent by Leyla from Finland.

The card shows a dress and a harp from the TIME exhibition in Helsinki City Museum.

The postmark date is 11 April 2012 and the location is Helsinki. Leyla affixed a beautiful aurora borealis stamp. Thank you Leyla!

#148 Postcard from Finland

Today I received three items in my mail box. The first item is a postcard from Finland, received through postcrossing.

It shows a character from Moomin, who lives in Moominvalley in Finland!

I haven’t watch Moomin yet, but after reading the postcard I shall find some time to watch it. One Angry Bird stamp is used!! Thank you very much Helena!

#131 Postcard from Finland

My second postcard today come from Finland through postcrossing!

It depicts a cute little girl holding a bunch of flowers.

The sender, Suzie, affixed a cute cartoon stamp also. The postmark date is March 13, 2012. Thank you Suzie!

#43 Postcard from Finland

My second postcard from Finland, received through postcrossing.

It shows a picture of flowers and strawberries. Nice mixture of colors!

Thank you Poinsetta!

#12 Postcard from Finland

Postcard received from Finland through postcrossing, FI-1093507.

It shows a colorful painting by artist Masha D’yans.

The image of the girl and butterflies remind me of one of my all time favorite Chinese movies: The Butterfly Lovers a.k.a. Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.Thank you Paivi!

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