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#343 Cover from France

A cover from France, sent bt Eric Bruth.

On the cover, Eric affixed two stamps from castles and historic houses of the regions of France series. On the left is the Fortress of Corte in Haute-Corse, Corsica and on the right is Fort de Salses in Pyrénées-Orientales. There are two nice cancellations applied, the postmark date is 9 June 2012 and the location is Paris. Thank you Eric!

#324 Cover from France

This is a cover from France, sent by Jean-Pierre Fiquet.

On this cover, Jean-Pierre affixed one joint-issue stamp between France and Hong Kong on art. There are two beautiful postmarks with date 3 May 2012 and the loacation is Paris. Thank you Jean-Pierre!

#254 Cover from France

Another cover from France, sent by Francois Leboucher.

On the cover, Francois affixed two beautiful bird stamps: one is a puffin and another is an eagle. The cancel is to commemorate 100 year of the League for Protection of Birds. The date of issue is 12 May 2012 and the location is Vannes. Thank you very much Francois!

#253 Cover and Postcard from France

A cover from France, sent by Mathieu Daniel.

On the cover, Mathieu two train stamps. There are two beautiful cancels. The stamps and cancels commemorate 100 years of Pacific 231 K8 train. The postmark date is 11 May 2012 and the location is Paris.

Inside is a vintage postcard that shows the Sacre-Coeur cathedral in Paris. Thanks a lot Mathieu!

#252 Cover from France

A cover from France sent by Eric Contesse.

On the cover, Eric affixed four beautiful stamps: clown fish, Asterix, Epernay and forest. There are two beautiful cancels with image of King Louis XIV statue on a horse, with date 11 May 2012 and location Lyon Bellecour. Thank you Eric!

#228 Postcard from Disneyland Paris

Last weekend I was in Disneyland Paris with my family. I managed to write a postcard and sent it home. As I arrived home yesterday, the postcard was already in my mailbox.

The postcard shows a picture of Mickey and Minnie dancing in front of Disneyland Castle.

We also visited Disney’s Universal Studio next to Disneyland Park. The postmark date is 14 May 2012.

#218 Postcard from France

A postcard from France,  sent by postcrosser Linda.

Three dolls on a rocking horse.

No postmark. Thank you Linda!

#173 Cover from France

Today I received nice cover from France! It was sent by Eric Contesse.

On the cover, Eric affixed four stamps, one of them a vignette stamp without a value.

On the top right, the stamp shows the commune of Vouvant in Western France. It shows a picture of Notre Dame Church and  Tour Melusine in Vouvant. Vouvant is a member of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (“The most beautiful villages of France). Below it is a stamp that shows a Petit Beurre de Nantes, the classic French butter cookie.

On the top right, there are two stamps issued to commemorate the 84th congress of French Federation of Philatelic Association in 2011, held in the city of Metz. The stamps show three main buildings of Metz: the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, the Temple Neuf, and in the vignette stamp Porte de Allemands.

The postmark date is April 13th, 2012 and it was cancelled at Lyon Bellecour. The cancels show image of equestrian statue of Louis XIV. Thank you very much Eric!

#170 Postcard from France

Today I received a postcard from France, sent by postcrosser Martina of Paris.

It shows the magnificient Eiffel Tower viewed across Port de Suffren in Paris.

Thank you very much Martina!

#120 Cover and Postcard from France

Another cover received from France! It’s from Jean-Pierre Fiquet. I found his blog and sent him a cover.

On the cover, Jean-Pierre affixed three definitive stamps and one commemorative stamp about the Grand Mosque of Paris. I saw the FDC and stamps about the mosque in many blogs and I actually wanted to have at least the stamp about it. Thank you Jean-Pierre!

Inside the cover Jean-Pierre sent a postcard with a picture of Le Havre. Thanks again Jean-Pierre!

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