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#349 Cover from Germany with Souvenir Sheets from Hong Kong and Iceland

This is a cover from Germany, sent by Igor Adolph.

Igor affixed one stamp on the cover. The stamp is a joint-issue between Germany and Liechtenstein, and it shows Pfälzer Hütte in Liechtenstein. There is a special cancellation applied on the cover. The postmark date is 14 June 2012. Igor also sent two beautiful souvenir sheets from Hong Kong and Iceland.

This is the souvenir sheet from Hong Kong that was issued to commemorate the Centenary of Xinhai Revolution in 2011. This was a joint issue between China Post, Hong Kong Post and Macau Post. Xinhai Revolution abolished the imperial dynastic rule in China in 2011 and transformed the country into a republic.

This is the souvenir sheet from Iceland, and it is also a joint issue between Iceland and Malta in 2011 – the northernmost island nation and southernmost island nation in Europe. The souvenir sheet depicts a picture of the fishing town Húsavík in Iceland. Fishing is one of the most important economic activity in both countries.

Thank you Igor for all these nice stuffs!

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