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#912 Cover from India


A surprise cover from India, sent by Avijit Kundu of New Delhi.

2013-08-25 India

On the cover, Avijit affixed one commemorative stamp about the Punjab Regiment and one large souvenir sheet that contains three stamps that commemorate Children’s Day. The postmark date is 17 July 2013 and the location is New Delhi. Thank you very much Avijit!

#885 Cover from India


A long cover from India, sent by Saujanya Golwelkar for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-08-18 India

On the cover, Saujanya affixed one souvenir sheet that contains two stamps featuring two lighthouses of India. Two special postmarks were applied with postmark date 22 June 2013 and location Bangalore. Thanks a lot Saujanya!

#846 Cover and Souvenir Sheet from India


A cover from India, sent by Vivin Fernandes.

2013-07-14 India a

On the cover, Vivin affixed a setenant stamps that commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Vivin also put a strip of Swami Vivekananda portrait on the cover. The postmark date and location are not clear.

2013-07-14 India b

Inside, Vivin sent me a souvenir sheet that commemorates the Rampur Raza Library. Thank you very much Vivin!

#822 Postcard from Bangalore, India


A surprise postcard from Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka, India. This card was sent by postcrosser Saujanya Golwelkar. It’s a card for Bengaluru Postcrosser Meetup on 9 June 2013.

2013-07-05 India a

The front of the postcard shows the beautiful Bangalore Palace, the summer palace for the former rulers of Mysore.

2013-07-05 India b

At the back, there are signatories of the meetup attendees. Saujanya affixed three stamps of Ramgopal Maheshwari, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, and Chaitya Bhoomi. A special postmark featuring Vidhana Soudha, the state parliament of Karnataka was applied. The postmark date is 10 June 2013. Thanks a lot Saujanya!

#759 Postcard from India


A surprise postcard from India, received long time ago when I was on winter vacation. It’s from Partha Sarathi Nanda of Odisha, and it’s my first postcard from the state of Odisha!

2015-05-25 India a

The postcard was issued by India Post and it features a stamp of Ravenshaw College (now Ravenshaw University) in Cuttack, Odisha.

2015-05-25 India b

At the back of the postcard, Partha affixed two stamps. Two philatelic cancels were applied on the stamps with postmark date 15 December 2012 and location Bhubaneswar General Post Office. Thanks a lot Partha!

#750 Postcard from India


A postcard from India, sent by Elton D’Souza of Goa.

2013-05-12 India 2a

It’s an odd-shaped auto rickshaw postcard. It seems that the rickshaw is full with school children.

2013-05-12 India 2b

At the back, Elton affixed one hexagon-shaped stamp of Aldabra giant tortoise. The postmark date is not clear. Thank you Elton!

#748 Cover and Souvenir Sheets from India

A long cover from India, sent by Elton D’Souza of Goa.

2013-05-12 India 1a

On the cover, Elton affixed one souvenir sheet that contains two stamps from the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity issue. The postmark date is 17 April 2013 and the location is Margao. Inside the cover there are three souvenir sheets.

2013-05-12 India 1b

This one is features the traditional dances from India and Mexico, it was jointly issued by India and Mexico.

2013-05-12 India 1c

This one shows the endemic species of Indian Biodiversity Hotspots issued in conjunction with the XI Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

2013-05-12 India 1d

The last one is from the lighthouses of India issues. Thank you very much Elton!

#691 Cover and Souvenir Sheets from India


A large cover from India, sent by Elton D’souza of Goa.

2013-03-28 India (1)

On the cover, Elton affixed two tiger stamps. The postmark date is 31 January 2013 and the location is Margao.

2013-03-28 India (2)

Inside, Elton sent four mint souvernir-sheets. This one shows four beautiful railway stations in major cities in India.

2013-03-28 India (3)

The second souvenir sheet shows the Jawaharlal Nehru and Talkatora Stadium used in Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

2013-03-28 India (4)

The third souvenir sheet commemorates the 2nd Africa-India Forum Summit in 2011. The stamps feature African elephant and Asian elephant.

2013-03-28 India (5)

The last souvenir-sheet is a joint-issue between India and Phillippines that feature gangetic dolphin and whale shark.

2013-03-28 India (6)

Elton also gave me a number of Australian used stamps. Thanks a lot Elton for all these stuffs!

#644 Cover from India


Another RAS cover from Saujanya Golwelkar!

2013-03-17 India (1)

It’s a pretty pink cover. Saujanya affixed five stamps on this cover, where the two stamps on the upper right corner commemorate the National Mathematics Day. The National Mathematics Day special cancel was applied on the two stamps with postmark date 22 December 2012 and location Bangalore.

2013-03-17 India (2)

Inside is a nice New Year card. Thank you very much Saujanya!

#643 Cover from India


A RAS cover from India, sent by Saujanya Golwelkar.

2013-03-16 India 1

On the cover, Saujanya affixed stamps of famous Indian personalities: Mahatma Gandhi, Motilal Nehru, Bhai Jagtaji and C V Raman. Special cancels were applied with special date 12.12.12 and location Hasthampatti Post Office in Salem, Tamil Nadu. The special cancels depict “charkha” – the Khadi spinning wheel. Thanks a lot Saujanya!

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