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#912 Cover from India


A surprise cover from India, sent by Avijit Kundu of New Delhi.

2013-08-25 India

On the cover, Avijit affixed one commemorative stamp about the Punjab Regiment and one large souvenir sheet that contains three stamps that commemorate Children’s Day. The postmark date is 17 July 2013 and the location is New Delhi. Thank you very much Avijit!

#327 Cover from India

A cover from India, sent by Saujanya Golwelkar for a special group that he hosted in Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

This is a special cover with a nice sparrow cancellation. The cover is actually an FDC from 2010, and Saujanya also affixed one stamp of the same theme as the FDC – International Year of Biodiversity. Another stamp is a pigeon stamp, and that really suits the special sparrow postmark for Save the Sparrow Campaign. The postmark date is 5-16 June 2012, which is the period of the campaign; and the location is New Delhi. Thanks a lot Saujanya!

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