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#678 Cover from Sarawak, Malaysia

Malaysia          Sarawak

A cover from the state of Sarawak in Malaysia, sent by Terence Wong of Singapore.

2013-03-24 Sarawak

On the cover, Terence affixed two 80c stamps: one is a definitive yellow hibiscus stamp and the other one is the commemorative pet stamp. This cover is special because the postmark date is 12.12.12 and the pet stamp – featuring a cat – is cancelled in Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak. Cat in Malay Language is kucing, and the city of Kuching is famous for many cat statues! Thanks a lot Terence for this special cover!

#476 Cover and Postcard from Sarawak, Malaysia


A cover from Malaysia, sent by Aileen Chang from Sarawak for blue cover exchange arranged by Frankly Stamps RR in postcrossing forum.

Aileen made a gorgeous blue painting on both sides of the cover! On the front is a drawing of a fairy to signify the Chinese Mid Autumn festival. Aileen affixed one mid autumn stamp and two Malaysia new 10 cent coin stamps – all of them have significant blue color!

This is the back of the cover.

Inside is a postcard about traditional ceramic beads of Sarawak. Aileen also sent a kamipita magic hair pad ribbon for Maryam! Thank you very much Aileen for all these!!

#247 Cover and Postcards from Sarawak, Malaysia

A cover from the state of Sarawak, Malaysia sent by Aileen in exchange for Titanic cover arranged by Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

Aileen affixed one souvenir sheet issued to commemorate the installation of His Majesty the 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah of Kedah. This is a second time His Majesty’s ascends the throne, the first time was in 1970 when he was elected as the 5th Yang di-Pertuan Agong. There are two stamps in the souvnir sheet: one contains an image of a 10 cent stamp issued in 1970 to commemorate the installation of the 5th YDPA and another stamp is issued in 2012 to commemorate the installation of the 14th YDPA. The postmark date is 4 May 2012 and the location is Tabuan Stutong, Sarawak.

Inside the cover Aileen sent two postcards:

This one shows various traditional Sawarak crafts made from wood.

This is a cover of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter.

Aileen also put 8 sticker sheets for Maryam!

Thanks a lot Aileen for all these wonderful stuffs!

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