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2012-11-26 Outgoing Mails: 18 covers and 12 postcards

We got our first snow today! As I woke up in the morning, everything was already covered in white. I went to the post box to drop several items:

Covers: Algeria, Croatia (3x), Cyprus, Czech Republic (2x), France (3x), Italy, Malaysia (2x), Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and U.S.A. (2x).

Postcards: Belarus, Brazil, China, Finland, Germany (2x), Japan (3x), Ontario, Russia, and Taiwan.


Outgoing Mails: 12 covers and 14 postcards

Few outgoing mails today: four covers with a complete set of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee stamps for a friend in Singapore and three covers with minisheet for Nice Circuit Cover in postcrossing forum!

2012-11-16 Outgoing Mails

These are all the outgoing mails that I was able to send after the last post of outgoing mails on 19 October 2012. Most of the postcards are for the North America November 2012 RR in postcrossing forum, and since the Remembrance Day is in November I used the special military souvenir sheet on most of my covers. Safe travel!

2012-10-19 Outgoing Mails: 12 covers and 7 postcards

These are the outgoing mails for the week, some of them were sent earlier during the week:

Covers: China, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia (2x), Spain, Ukraine, and USA.

Postcards: Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Taiwan, UAE, Ukraine, and USA.

2012-10-11 Outgoing Mails: 15 covers & 12 postcards

These are the outgoing mails this week. Some of them were sent earlier during the week.

Covers: China (3x), India, Indonesia (3x), Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan.

Postcards: Croatia, Italy, Malaysia (7x), Singapore, Spain, and Taiwan.

2012-10-04 Outgoing Mails: 15 covers and 6 postcards

Several covers to the drop box today:

Covers: Argentina, Australia (2x), China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland (2x), Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan (2x), Ukraine, and USA (2x).

Postcards: Belarus, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Netherlands.

2012-10-01 Outgoing Mails: 20 covers!

Found some free time during weekend due to raining, so 20 c0vers into the drop box today!

Brazil, China, Croatia (2x), France (5x), Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan (6x), and U.S.A.

2012-09-28 Outgoing Mails: 5 covers and 1 postcard

Several mails and one postcard into the drop box today!

Covers: China, Croatia, France, Japan, and U.S.A.

Postcard: Russia.

2012-09-27 Outgoing Mails: 3 postcards and 9 covers

Several covers dropped at Post Office this morning:

Postcards: Germany, Netherlands, and U.S.A.

Covers: Algeria (3x), Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, and U.S.A. (2x).

2012-09-24 Outgoing Mails: 13 covers and 3 postcards

I found some free time in the weekend, so here goes some covers and postcards for friends all over the world:

Covers: Argentina, Brazil, France (2x), Honduras, India (2x), Singapore (2x), United Arab Emirates (2x), and United States of America (2x).

Postcards: Chile, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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