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#800 Cover and Postcards from Granada, Spain

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A surprise cover from Spain!

2013-06-21 Spain a

It’s an airmail cover with two stamps. The postmark date is not clear, but the location is CTA Granada. Inside there are three postcards of old Granada, Spain.

2013-06-21 Spain b

2013-06-21 Spain c

2013-06-21 Spain d

The only information that I have about the sender is the address and website. I think this is a promotion from Fototaller, a photography studio in Granada that was established in 1986. Well, thanks a lot for sending me a cover and postcards! These postcards are sturdy and the print quality is very good. I shall put the address of the studio below:

El Cartofilo Empedernido
Website: http://
c/Alhamar, 9 bajo
18005 Granada

Thank you very much El Cartofilo Empedernido!

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