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#500 Postcard from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


My first postcard from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates! This postcard was sent by postcrosser Ayn for Architecture and Landmark RR in postcrossing forum.

It shows the beautiful panoramic view of Abu Dhabi’s Corniche. The view is truly magnificient.

On the back of the postcard, Ayn translated the explanation of the Corniche from Arabic to English. There are two stamps used. The postmark date is 20 October 2012. Thanks a lot Ayn!

#356 Cover from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Another cover from K.S. Alwy from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

On this cover, Alwy affixed two odd-shaped stamps about the 22nd Al Gaffal 60ft Traditional Dhow Sailing Race. The postmark date is 21 June 2012. Thanks a lot Alwy!

#195 Cover from United Arab Emirates

Next item received is a cover from K.S. Alwy of United Arab Emirates.

On the cover, Alwy affixed two stamps on camel mazayina. The postmark date is 18 April 2012. Thank you very much Alwy!

#147 Cover from United Arab Emirates

My first contact with United Arab Emirates! Today I received a cover from K.S. Alwy in Sharjah, U.A.E.

On the cover, Alwy affixed four flower stamps and two definitive falcon stamps. The postmark date is March 24, 2012 – about five days to leave U.A.E. and arrive in Ottawa.  Thank you very much Alwy!

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