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#922 Postcard from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

A postcard from Sri Lanka, sent by Dr. M. J. M. Mikram.

2013-08-25 Sri Lanka a

The postcard features the Yala National Park.

2013-08-25 Sri Lanka b

At the back, Mikram affixed one stamp that commemorates RISGO Centennial 2013 in Kandy. Thanks a lot Mikram!


#797 Postcard from Idaho, USA

United States          Idaho

A postcard from Idaho, USA, received through official postcrossing from postcrosser Shan.

2013-06-20 Idaho a

The postcard shows three Grizzly Bears.

2013-06-20 Idaho b

At the back, Shan affixed one 2013 Global USA Forever stamp. Thanks a lot Shan!

#772 Postcard from Parc Omega, Montebello, Quebec

Canada          Quebec

This is another Parc Omega postcard that I sent to myself.

2013-06-06 Quebec a

This one shows a wolf.

2013-06-06 Quebec b

At the back, I used one Chinatown Gateway stamp of Montreal. Two cancels were applied: a manual cancel with postmark date 31 May 2013 and a machine cancel with date 1 June 2013.

#771 Cover from Singapore


A cover from Singapore sent by Wee Leong.

2013-06-04 Singapore

Its a long yellow airmail cover. On the cover, Leong affixed three fauna stamps: two of them showing frog and toad, the third one features a kingfisher. The cancel is upside-down, with postmark date 16 May 2013. Thanks a lot Leong!

#770 Postcard from Parc Omega, Montebello, Quebec

Canada          Quebec

This is the second Parc Omega postcard.

2013-06-04 Quebec 1a

This postcard shows a white-tailed deer. Maryam and Aiman called it the ‘Cinderella Moose’.

2013-06-04 Quebec 2b

On the back, I used one definitive stamp for oversized mail of a white-tailed deer to match the postcard. The postmark date is 31 May 2013 and the location is Montebello Post Office in Quebec. Thanks a lot Postmaster!

#769 Postcard from Parc Omega, Montebello, Quebec

Canada          Quebec

The first Parc Omega postcard from Montebello, Quebec.

2013-06-04 Quebec 2aThis postcard shows a herd of bison in the park. At the bison area, visitors are reminded not to feed the bison.

2013-06-04 Quebec 1b

At the back, I used one definitive stamp. There are two cancels: one is a hand cancel from Montebello Post Office with postmark date 31 May 2013 and the other is a machine cancel with date 1 June 2013.

#766 Postcard from Nova Scotia

Canada          Nova Scotia

A postcard of Ontario posted from Nova Scotia by postcrosser Penelop in postcrossing forum.

2013-05-30 Nova Scotia a

The postcard shows a raccoon – so cute!

2013-05-30 Nova Scotia b

At the back, Penelop affixed four colorful stamps. The postmark date is 24 May 2013 and the location is Clementsvale in Nova Scotia. Thanks a lot Penelop!

#752 Cover from Croatia

A cover from Croatia. No sender information available on the cover, but based on the way my address is written, I guess it is from Ivana Perunski.

2013-05-12 Croatia

On the cover, Ivana affixed three stamps featuring three amphibians: a frog, a salamander and an olm. The postmark date is 16 April 2013 and the location is Zagreb. Thanks a lot Ivana!

#751 Cover and Postcards from Hong Kong

China          Hong Kong

A cover and postcards from Hong Kong, sent by Alan Leung.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong a

On the cover, Alan affixed two commemorative stamps and two definitive stamps. The commemorative stamps show drawings of pets by children. Two special cancels were applied on the cover. The postmark date is 15 April 2013 and the location is Tsim Sha Tsui. Inside there are two psotcards.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong b

This postcard shows the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) standards.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong c

This one commemorate the Hong Kong 97 Stamp Exhibition held in 1997. Note that the postcard contains a hologram stamp on it. Thank you very much Alan!


#750 Postcard from India


A postcard from India, sent by Elton D’Souza of Goa.

2013-05-12 India 2a

It’s an odd-shaped auto rickshaw postcard. It seems that the rickshaw is full with school children.

2013-05-12 India 2b

At the back, Elton affixed one hexagon-shaped stamp of Aldabra giant tortoise. The postmark date is not clear. Thank you Elton!

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