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#910 Cover from China


The fifth cover from Wei Xu of China.

2013-08-25 China 5

On this cover, Wei Xu affixed six stamps featuring beautiful Chinese handcrafts. The postmark date is 16 July 2013. Thank you Wei Xu!


#905 FDC from Taiwan


Another Ancient Chinese Art Treasures FDC from Taiwan, this one is from James Chen.

2013-08-24 Taiwan 4a

James affixed two stamps from the issue on the cover, and there is one additional cancel from the issue applied on the cover.

2013-08-24 Taiwan 4b

This is the back of the FDC. Thanks a lot James!


#904 FDC from Taiwan


An FDC from Taiwan, sent by S Chuang.

2013-08-24 Taiwan 3a

The FDC is about ancient Chinese art treasures. On the cover, Chuang affixed two porcelain vase stamps from the issue and one postage label. The postmark date is 10 July 2013.

2013-08-24 Taiwan 3b

This is the back of the FDC. Thanks a lot S Chuang!

#854 Postcard from Oregon, USA

United States          Oregon

A postcard from Oregon, sent by postcrosser Malissa through official postcrossing.

2013-07-21 Oregon a

The postcard depicts a drawing of a girl feeding a bird by Maria Innocenta Hummel.

2013-07-21 Oregon b

At the back, one Global USA Forever 2013 stamp was used. The postmark date is 10 July 2013 and the location is Eugene. Thanks a lot Malissa!

#815 Cover from Indiana, USA

United States          Indiana

A second cover from Indiana, USA, sent by Tim Schnepp.

2013-07-01 Indiana 2

It’s a long cover with two forever stamps and six silver coffeepot definitives. Special cancels from Sedalia, Indiana were applied. The postmark date is 20 June 2013. That Three Stars match box really reminds me of my childhood days! Thanks a lot Tim!

#804 Postcard from Finland


A postcard from Finland, received through official postcrossing from Auli Helena.

2013-06-29 Finland 1a

The postcard shows an artwork by Raija Nokkala entitled “Viestinviejat” or messengers.

2013-06-29 Finland 1b

At the back, Auli affixed one odd-shaped Moomin stamp. The postmark date is 17 June 2013 and the location is Jyväskylä. Thanks a lot Auli!

#731 Postcard from Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia          Pulau Pinang

A postcard from Penang, sent by SL Liew.

2013-04-13 Penang (1)

The postcard shows pictures of street art in Georgetown, the state capital of Penang, Malaysia. There is a paragraph at the back of the postcard that explains these pictures.

2013-04-13 Penang (2)

This is the back of the postcard. Liew affixed one stamp from the National Unity series and one special cancel from the issues was applied. The postmark date is 26 March 2013 and the location is Pulau Pinang. Thanks a lot SL Liew!

#605 Cover from Czech Republic

Czech Republic          Czech Republic-Votice

A cover from Czech Republic, sent by postcrosser Klara B. for cover exchange arranged by Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2012-12-06 Czech Republic

On the cover, Klara affixed two stamps that feature Turkish carpets from 18th and 19th centuries in the Nationan Náprstkovo Museum in Prague. The postmark date is 3 December 2012 and the location is Votice. The cover was in my mailbox yesterday, so it means the cover traveled from Votice to Ottawa for three days only! Thank you Klara.

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