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#878 Postcard from Speyer, Germany

Germany          Germany-Rhineland-Palatinate

A postcard from Speyer in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, received through official postcrossing from Traeumereien.

2013-08-18 Germany 2a

The postcard shows the altar and organ at Speyer Holy Trinity Church.

2013-08-18 Germany 2b

At the back, Traeumereien affixed one definitive stamp. The postmark date is 22 July 2013. Thanks a lot Traeumereien!

#849 Cover from Italy

Italy          Italy-Lazio

A cover from Italy, sent by Matteo of Frosinone.

2013-07-16 Italy

On the cover, Matteo affixed five colorful stamps, one of them featuring Pope Francis, the current pope of the Catholic Church. One stamp features Filippo Mazzei issued in 1980 to commemorates his 250th birthday. The two fountain stamps on top left were issued in 1979 and 1976. The top right stamp shows the beautiful Orto Botanico di Padova, a botanical garden in Papua. The postmark date 8 July 2013. Again, Canada Post decided to put their pen cancels on the cover as well. Thanks a lot Matteo!

#837 Postcard from Solovetsky Islands, Russia

Russia          Russia-Arkhangelsk

Another postcard from Russia, this one is a RAS postcard sent by postcrosser Vadim Dmitriev from the Architecture and Landmark RR in postcrossing forum.

2013-07-10 Russia 2a

The postcard shows a picture of Solovestsky Monastery on Solovestsky Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2013-07-10 Russia 2b

At the back, Vadim affixed two commemorative stamps. The postmark date is 17 June 2013. Thanks a lot Vadim!

#712 Cover from Indonesia


A cover from Indonesia, sent by Irene Chen.

2013-04-07 Indonesia

On the cover, Irene affixed one block of three stamps from the Historic Buildings of Worship series. The stamps feature the Puhsarang Church in Kediri, Masjid Agung of Palembang, and Pura Besakih in Bali. The postmark date is 17 January 2013 and the location is Malang. Thanks a lot Irene!

#627 Cover from Cyprus


A nice cover from Cyprus, sent by postcrosser Heidi of Estonia for special exchange organized by Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-03-12 Cyprus

Heidi affixed two Christian-themed stamps on the cover. The postmark date is 7 December 2012 and the location is Nicosia. Thanks a lot Heidi!

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