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#884 Cover from Germany

Germany          Germany-Bavaria

A cover from Germany, sent by Franz Dippner of Fünfstetten.

2013-08-18 Germany 3

On the cover, Franz affixed 10 definitive stamps. The postmark date is 19 July 2013. Thanks a lot Franz!


#883 FDC from Singapore


An FDC from Singapore, sent by Terence Wong.

2013-08-18 Singapore 2a

The FDC is from the Our Ciy in a Garden series issued by Singapore Post on 13 July 2013. On the FDC, Terence affixed four stamps. Two special cancels from the issue and one ordinary cancel with location MacPherson Road B were applied.

2013-08-18 Singapore 2b

This is the back of the FDC.

2013-08-18 Singapore 2c

This is the pamphlet with information of the issue. Thanks a lot Terence!

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