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#942 Postcard from Ukraine

Ukraine          Ukraine-Kiev

A postcard from Ukraine, sent by Oksana for Ukraine meets the World tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-09-19 Ukraine a

The postcard shows the Malanka celebration, a national holiday in Ukraine.

2013-09-19 Ukraine b

At the back, Oksana affixed two frog stamps. The postmark 10 July 2013 and the location is Kiev. Thanks a lot Oksana!


#771 Cover from Singapore


A cover from Singapore sent by Wee Leong.

2013-06-04 Singapore

Its a long yellow airmail cover. On the cover, Leong affixed three fauna stamps: two of them showing frog and toad, the third one features a kingfisher. The cancel is upside-down, with postmark date 16 May 2013. Thanks a lot Leong!

#752 Cover from Croatia

A cover from Croatia. No sender information available on the cover, but based on the way my address is written, I guess it is from Ivana Perunski.

2013-05-12 Croatia

On the cover, Ivana affixed three stamps featuring three amphibians: a frog, a salamander and an olm. The postmark date is 16 April 2013 and the location is Zagreb. Thanks a lot Ivana!

#748 Cover and Souvenir Sheets from India

A long cover from India, sent by Elton D’Souza of Goa.

2013-05-12 India 1a

On the cover, Elton affixed one souvenir sheet that contains two stamps from the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity issue. The postmark date is 17 April 2013 and the location is Margao. Inside the cover there are three souvenir sheets.

2013-05-12 India 1b

This one is features the traditional dances from India and Mexico, it was jointly issued by India and Mexico.

2013-05-12 India 1c

This one shows the endemic species of Indian Biodiversity Hotspots issued in conjunction with the XI Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

2013-05-12 India 1d

The last one is from the lighthouses of India issues. Thank you very much Elton!

#609 Postcard from Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia           Kedah

Another postcard from Langkawi Island in Kedah, Malaysia! This one is from Ian Choong.

2012-12-12 Langkawi a

Ian sent me a postcard showing the beautiful Payar Island, one of the hundreds on islands in Langkawi archipelago. Payar Island is surrounded by coral reef and it is a marine park.

2012-12-12 Langkawi b

At the back, Ian affixed one stamp showing the horned frog or leaf frog. The postmark date is 27 November 2012 but unfortunately location (Langkawi, Kedah) is not clear – perhaps due to the postcard paper. This is the same with my other postcards from Langkawi. Thanks a lot Ian for this postcard!

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