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#852 Postcard from Taiwan


A postcard from Taiwan, received through official postcrossing from Cathy.

2013-07-21 Taiwan a

The postcard shows a nightview of Jiufen in Taipei.

2013-07-21 Taiwan b

At the back, Cathy affixed one stamp featuring American nightshade. The postmark date is 8 July 2013. Thanks a lot Cathy!


#825 Postcard from New York, USA

United States          New York

A postcard from New York, USA, sent by postcrosser NK for ship and harbor tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-07-05 New York a

The postcard shows the historic South Street Seaport in New York.

2013-07-05 New York b

At the back, NK affixed two stamps. The postmark date is 28 June 2013 and the location is San Francisco, California. Thanks a lot NK!

#767 Postcard from Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia          Kedah

A postcard from Langkawi Island in the state of Kedah, Malaysia, sent by Khor Kok Keong.

2013-06-01 Langkawi a

The postcard shows the Telaga Harbour Park Lighthouse at Pantai Kok Bay.

2013-06-01 Langkawi b

At the back, Khor affixed one stamp from the lighthouse series, this one shows the lighthouse of Rimau Island in Penang. The postmark date is 12 May 2013 and the location is Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. Thank you very much Khor!

#761 Cover from Germany


A cover from Germany, sent by postcrosser Ulrich Beenen for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2015-05-25 Germany

It’s a long cover with a window! This is my first time to receive a cover with window for my collection. On the cover, Ulrich affixed one (upper left corner block) Europa 2013 stamp and five definitive stamps. Two special cancels were applied on the cover. The cancels commemorate the anniversary of the Port of Hamburg. The postmark date is 10 May 2013. Thanks a lot Ulrich!

#654 Postcard from Singapore


A postcard from Singapore, sent by Khor Kok Keong of Ipoh, Malaysia.

2013-03-23 Singapore (2)

The postcard shows colorful fireworks at Marina Bay.

2013-03-23 Singapore (1)

At the back, Khor affixed one panda definitive 50 cents stamp for oversea postcard postage rate. The postmark date is 3 December 2012. Thank you very much Khor!

#613 Postcard from Rostock, Germany

Germany          Germany-Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania          Germany-Rostock

A posrcard from Germany, sent by postcrosser Virginia from Rostock through official postcrossing.

2012-12-12 Germany a

It shows a beautiful view of Rostock across Warnow River.

2012-12-12 Germany b

At the back, Virginia used the Regensburg UNESCO stamp. Special postmark that features the map of Rostock was applied. The postmark date is 6 December 2012. Thank you Virginia!

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