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#933 Postcard from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Russia          Russia-Nizhny Novgorod Region          Russia-Nizhny Novgorod city

A postcard from Russia, received from Alexandra fro autumn tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-08-28 Russia a

The postcard shows a view of Chasovaya Tower in Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin in Nizhny Novgorod in fall.

2013-08-28 Russia b

At the back, Alexandra affixed one commemorative stamp and five definitive stamps. The postmark date is 31 July 2013. Thanks a lot Alexandra!


#886 Cover from Australia

Australia          Victoria

A cover from Australia, sent by Irene Magale for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-08-19 Australia

On the cover, Irene affixed a pair of two setenant stamps and one stamp. The setenant stamps commemorate the overland crossing 1861-62 by John McDouall Stuart. The postmark date is 5 July 2013 and the location is Blackburn South, Victoria. Thanks a lot Irene!

#790 Postcard from Malaysia


A postcard from Malaysia, sent by Yip Hin Wai.

2013-06-17 Malaysia a

The postcard shows Sultan Abdul Samad Building, a prominent landmark of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

2013-06-17 Malaysia b

At the back, Yip affixed one 50 sen stamp that shows All Saints Intermediary School in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The postmark date is 3 June 2013 and the location is National Mail Center. Thanks a lot Yip!

#788 Postcard from Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, Ontario

Canada          Ontario

My family and I visited Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario on 9 June 2013. The place is about 1 hour 15 minute drive from our home in Ottawa.

2013-06-16 Ontario 2a

Upper Canada Village is a living museum that depicts life in Canadian rural settings in 1800s. Among the things that we really enjoyed was the scow tow ride – a barge pulled by a horse along the village canal.

2013-06-16 Ontario 2b

At the back, I affixed a cow stamp. One pictorial cancel was applied with date 12 June 2013 and location Morrisburg, Ontario.

#781 Cover and Postcards from Singapore


A cover and postcards from Singapore, sent by Terence Wong.

2013-06-08 Singapore (1)

The cover bears a special stamp from the Tri-Nation Stamp Exhibition held in Singapore from 31 August to 2 September 2012. Terence used two stamps. Two cancels from the event were applied with postmark date 31 August 2012.

2013-06-08 Singapore (2)

Inside are three postcards from the Istana Kampong Glam, Malay Heritage Centre in Singapore. Here is one of the postcards. Thanks a lot Terence!

#763 Cover from China


A cover from China, sent by Wei Xu.

2013-05-29 China

On the cover, Wei Xu affixed one large souvenir sheet. The postmark date is 3 May 2013. Thanks a lot Wei Xu!

#751 Cover and Postcards from Hong Kong

China          Hong Kong

A cover and postcards from Hong Kong, sent by Alan Leung.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong a

On the cover, Alan affixed two commemorative stamps and two definitive stamps. The commemorative stamps show drawings of pets by children. Two special cancels were applied on the cover. The postmark date is 15 April 2013 and the location is Tsim Sha Tsui. Inside there are two psotcards.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong b

This postcard shows the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) standards.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong c

This one commemorate the Hong Kong 97 Stamp Exhibition held in 1997. Note that the postcard contains a hologram stamp on it. Thank you very much Alan!


#747 Cover from Ukraine


A cover from Ukraine, sent by postcrosser Olesya Ivanenko for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-05-12 Ukraine

On the cover, Olesya affixed one souvenir sheet with beautiful drawings of Medieval Period. The postmark date is 21 April 2013. Thanks a lot Olesya!

#742 Cover from Singapore


A cover from Singapore, sent by Edmund Ong.

2013-05-10 Singapore

It’s a purple cover. On the cover, Edmund affixed two stamps that commemorate the 45th anniversary of Currency Interchangeability Agreement between Brunei Darussalam and Singapore. The postmark date is 1 April 2013. Thanks a lot Edmund!

#736 Postcard from Pakistan


My first postcard from Pakistan! It’s from Patrick of Karachi, sent to me on request from SL Liew!

2013-05-04 Pakistan a

The postcard features a breathtaking view of Dudipatsar Lake in the Kaghan Valley.

2013-05-04 Pakistan b

At the back, Patrick affixed seven stamps – two of them are commemorative stamps that celebrate the 125th anniversary of Aitchison College, Lahore in 2012; and five definitive stamps that feature the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The postmark date day is 25 but the month is not clear, and the location is Karachi. Thanks a lot Patrick and SL Liew!

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