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#913 Postcard from Alaska, USA

United States          Alaska

My first postcard from Alaska! This one is from Jaime of Vancouver who was travelling there for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-08-25 Alaska a

The postcard shows an orca swimming in front on snowy mountains.

2013-08-25 Alaska b

At the back, Jaime affixed one global USA forever stamp. The postmark date is 31 July 2013 and the location is Ketchikan. Thanks a lot Jaime!


#911 Cover from China


The last but not least, the sixth cover from Wei Xu of China.

2013-08-25 China 6

On this cover, Wei Xu affixed a large souvenir sheet showing a beautiful scenery painting of China. The postmark date is 31 July 2013. Thanks a lot Wei Xu for all these beautiful covers!

#906 Cover from China


Wei Xu of China sent me six beautiful covers! This is the first cover.

2013-08-25 China 1

On the cover, Wei Xu affixed two definitive stamps and a pair of three setenant stamps showing a beautiful scenery painting of China. The postmark date is 31 July 2013. Thank you Wei Xu!

#812 Postcard from Oregon, USA

United States          Oregon          Oregon-Portland

A postcard from Oregon, USA, sent by postcrosser Maggie Firebaugh for Vacation RR in postcrossing forum.

2013-07-01 Oregon a

The postcard shows a stuning view of Mount Hood as seen from Japanese Garden in Washington Park, Portland in autumn.

2013-07-01 Oregon b

At the back, Maggie used one forever global stamp. The postmark date is 17 June 2013 and the location is Portland, Oregon. Thanks a lot Maggie!

#776 Postcard from Calgary, Alberta

Canada          Alberta

A Canadian Rockies postcard from Alberta, sent by postcrosser Allen for Canada tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-06-06 Alberta a

The postcard shows a beautiful view of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park in winter.

2013-06-06 Alberta b

At the back, Allen affixed one Leo zodiac stamp. It was oen cancelled. Thanks a lot Allen!

#736 Postcard from Pakistan


My first postcard from Pakistan! It’s from Patrick of Karachi, sent to me on request from SL Liew!

2013-05-04 Pakistan a

The postcard features a breathtaking view of Dudipatsar Lake in the Kaghan Valley.

2013-05-04 Pakistan b

At the back, Patrick affixed seven stamps – two of them are commemorative stamps that celebrate the 125th anniversary of Aitchison College, Lahore in 2012; and five definitive stamps that feature the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The postmark date day is 25 but the month is not clear, and the location is Karachi. Thanks a lot Patrick and SL Liew!

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