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#914 Postcard from Kedah, Malaysia

Malaysia          Kedah

A postcard from Kedah, Malaysia, sent by Khor Kok Keong.

2013-08-25 Kedah a

The postcard shows the State Paddy Museum in Alor Setar, the state capital of Kedah.

2013-08-25 Kedah b

At the back, Khor affixed one stamp that commemorates KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, a scorpene-class submarine of the Royal Malaysian Navy. The submarine is named after Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, the first prime minister of Malaysia who hails from the royal Kedah family and born in Alor Setar. The postmark date is 17 July 2013 and the location is Alor Setar. Thanks a lot Khor!



#718 Cover from France


A cover from France, sent by Mathieu Daniel.

2013-04-09 France (1)

On the cover, Mathieu affixed what seems like a portion from a souvenir sheet and four definitive stamps. The stamp in the souvenir sheet feautes Alberto Bolaffi, a stamp dealer from Italy. The postmark date is 11 March 2013 and the location is Mende, Lozere. Inside the covers there are two maxicards – one of which is hand made.

2013-04-09 France (2)

This is the maxicard that Mathieu made himself. It shows toy soldiers! On the card, Mathieu affixed one stamp and two special cancels were applied. The postmark date is 10 June 2012.

2013-04-09 France (3)

The second maxicard features a painting of “The End of Bison” – the FR Bison battleship that was lost on 3 May 1940. Mathieu affixed one stamp and one special cancel was applied with postmark date 19 May 1975 and location is Nantes. Thanks a lot Mathieu!

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