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#735 Postcard from Belarus


A postcard from Belarus, sent by Kate Kachan. I was surprised to receive this postcard since I was not expecting any postcard from Belarus.

2013-05-04 Belarus a

On the postcard is an image of a lady in pink.

2013-05-04 Belarus b

On the back of the postcard, Kate affixed one deifinitive stamp. The postmark date is 2 April 2013. Thank you Kate!


#644 Cover from India


Another RAS cover from Saujanya Golwelkar!

2013-03-17 India (1)

It’s a pretty pink cover. Saujanya affixed five stamps on this cover, where the two stamps on the upper right corner commemorate the National Mathematics Day. The National Mathematics Day special cancel was applied on the two stamps with postmark date 22 December 2012 and location Bangalore.

2013-03-17 India (2)

Inside is a nice New Year card. Thank you very much Saujanya!

#640 Cover from Italy

Italy          Italy-Campania

A surprise cover from Italy, sent by Salvatore Izzo from Pompei!

2013-03-15 Italy

It’s a pink cover! Salvatore affixed three beautiful Christmas stamps on the cover. The postmark date is 28 December 2012 and the location is Naples, Campania. Salvatore requests for covers exchange and surely I will send one soon. Thanks a lot Salvatore!


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