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#947 Cover and Postcard from the British Virgin Islands

United Kingdom          British Virgin Islands

A cover from the Brisith Virgin Islands, sent by Patrick Hevaghan for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-09-20 BVI a

On the cover, Patrick used five beautiful stamps. The postmark date is 23 August 2013 and the location is Road Town Post Office in Tortola.

2013-09-20 BVI b

Inside is a beautiful postcard of a beach in Tortola. Thank you very much Patrick!


#724 Cancels from Inwood, Manitoba

Canada          Manitoba

Another cover with snake cancels – this one is cancelled at Inwood Post Office in Manitoba.

2013-04-12 Manitoba

The cancels feature the head of a garter snake. The Year of Snake stamp is used to match the cancels. Thank you Postmaster!

#723 Cancels from Ralston, Alberta

Canada          Alberta

A cover with cancels from Ralston Post Office in Alberta, Canada.

2013-04-12 Alberta

I used one Year of Snake stamp on the cover. The cancels show the emblem of Canadian Forces Base Suffied where Ralston is located. The emblem features the rattle snake, and hence the reason why the Year of Snake stamp is used. Thank you Postmaster!

#709 Cover from China


A nice cover from China, sent by Wei Xu of Suzhou.

2013-04-05 China

On the cover, Wei Xu affixed eight New Year Greetings stamps and one large vignette stamp – eight being a lucky number based on Chinese belief! Special cancels were applied that depict the Year of Snake with postmark date 10 February 2013. Thank you very much Wei Xu for this special cover!


#674 New Year Greetings from Taiwan


A cover from Taiwan, sent by James Chen.

2013-03-24 Taiwan C (1)

On the cover, James affixed one souvenir sheet and one stamp from the Year of Snake issues. The postmark date is 12.12.12 – yeay to another special date 12 December 2012 collection!

2013-03-24 Taiwan C (2)

Inside is a beautiful New Year greeting card with a map of Taiwan! Thank you very much James!

#671 New Year Greetings from South Korea

South Korea

A cover from South Korea, sent by Kim Yeonjoon.

2013-03-23 South Korea (1)

It’s a pre-stamped season’s greeting cover issued by Korea Post. Joony affixed three additional stamps to make up the postage rate. The cancellation date is not very clear, I think it is 11 December 2012.

2013-03-23 South Korea (2)

This is the back of the envelope.

2013-03-23 South Korea (3)

Inside is a beautiful greeting card with nice words.

Joony also sent me some items issued by Korea Post in conjunction with Year of Snake.

2013-03-23 South Korea (6)

First is a souvenir sheet that depicts a snake and a kid playing ‘jaegichagi‘.

2013-03-23 South Korea (7)

Second is a sheet of snake stamps.

2013-03-23 South Korea (8)

Third is a sheet of jaegichagi stamps.

2013-03-23 South Korea (5)

Next is an FDC with the snake stamp.

2013-03-23 South Korea (4)

Fifth is an FDC with jaegichagi stamp.

2013-03-23 South Korea (9)

This is the pamphlet that contains information about the New Year of Snake issue.

2013-03-23 South Korea (10)

Here is the back of the pamphlet. Thank you very much Joony!

#615 FDC from Taiwan


This is the other Lunar New Year of Snake FDC from Taiwan.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 2a

This cover is bigger, and the sender affixed one large souvenir sheet and one stamp from the issue. The postmark date is 3 December 2012. Unfortunately I cannot identify the sender! If you are reading this please comment.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 2b

This is the back of the cover. Thank you very much to the sender!

#614 FDC from Taiwan


I received two FDCs of the Lunar New Year of Snake from Taiwan, and both of them are without sender’s information. Let me guess.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 1a

I guess this smaller FDC is from S Chuang based on my address label print. On this cover, Chuang affixed two Year of Snake stamps and one postage label stamp to make up the postage rate. The postmark date is 3 December 2012.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 1b

This is the back of the cover. Thanks a lot S Chuang!

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