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#704 Cover from Lichtenberg

A cover from the Principality of Lichtenberg, sent by it’s ruler Prince Maximilian.

2013-04-02 Lichtenberg (1)

On the cover, there are two Lichtenberg stamps flanked by a US postage label. The postmark date is 25 January 2013 and the location is Principality of Lichtenberg with motto “Pro Deo et Patria“.

2013-04-02 Lichtenberg (2)

Inside the cover, the prince also sent me a sheet of six Lichtenberg stamps. Thanks a lot Prince Maximilian!

#698 Cover from France


A cover from France, sent by Eric Contesse.

2013-03-29 France

It’s a big cover full of stamps!! At top left are four stamps from the Castles and Mansions series issued in 2012. At bottom left are four stamps from the Regional Flavours series issued in 2010. ON the right there are another five stamps from 2012 and one stamp from 2011. As usual, the stamps were cancelled with special Lyon Bellecour postmarks. The postmark date is 7 January 2013. Thank you very much Eric!

#691 Cover and Souvenir Sheets from India


A large cover from India, sent by Elton D’souza of Goa.

2013-03-28 India (1)

On the cover, Elton affixed two tiger stamps. The postmark date is 31 January 2013 and the location is Margao.

2013-03-28 India (2)

Inside, Elton sent four mint souvernir-sheets. This one shows four beautiful railway stations in major cities in India.

2013-03-28 India (3)

The second souvenir sheet shows the Jawaharlal Nehru and Talkatora Stadium used in Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

2013-03-28 India (4)

The third souvenir sheet commemorates the 2nd Africa-India Forum Summit in 2011. The stamps feature African elephant and Asian elephant.

2013-03-28 India (5)

The last souvenir-sheet is a joint-issue between India and Phillippines that feature gangetic dolphin and whale shark.

2013-03-28 India (6)

Elton also gave me a number of Australian used stamps. Thanks a lot Elton for all these stuffs!

#671 New Year Greetings from South Korea

South Korea

A cover from South Korea, sent by Kim Yeonjoon.

2013-03-23 South Korea (1)

It’s a pre-stamped season’s greeting cover issued by Korea Post. Joony affixed three additional stamps to make up the postage rate. The cancellation date is not very clear, I think it is 11 December 2012.

2013-03-23 South Korea (2)

This is the back of the envelope.

2013-03-23 South Korea (3)

Inside is a beautiful greeting card with nice words.

Joony also sent me some items issued by Korea Post in conjunction with Year of Snake.

2013-03-23 South Korea (6)

First is a souvenir sheet that depicts a snake and a kid playing ‘jaegichagi‘.

2013-03-23 South Korea (7)

Second is a sheet of snake stamps.

2013-03-23 South Korea (8)

Third is a sheet of jaegichagi stamps.

2013-03-23 South Korea (5)

Next is an FDC with the snake stamp.

2013-03-23 South Korea (4)

Fifth is an FDC with jaegichagi stamp.

2013-03-23 South Korea (9)

This is the pamphlet that contains information about the New Year of Snake issue.

2013-03-23 South Korea (10)

Here is the back of the pamphlet. Thank you very much Joony!

#653 Panda Cover from Singapore


A cover from Singapore, sent by Terence Wong.

2013-03-22 Singapore (1)

It’s a long thick brown envelope with one 55c stamp. The postmark date is 10 December 2012.

2013-03-22 Singapore (6)

Inside is a beautiful seaview at Changi.

2013-03-22 Singapore (2)

And a fantastic Panda cover!!! This is a pre-stamped Panda cover issued by Singapore Post to welcome Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the two pandas from China, to River Safari in Singapore Zoo. Terence affixed three panda stamps from the issue and each stamp was cancelled at different date from 29 November 2012 to 2 December 2012 at River Safari in conjunction with the opening of the Panda Forest. These postmarks are only available at the River Safari entrance inside Singapore Zoo!

2013-03-22 Singapore (3)

This is the back of the cover.

2013-03-22 Singapore (4)

This is the pamphlet with information about the issue.

2013-03-22 Singapore (5)

And finally an ad card. Thank you very much Terence for such a special cover!

#652 Cover and Postcard from Hong Kong

China          Hong Kong

A nice cover from Hong Kong, sent by Tsui Yuen Man from Ma On Shan.

2013-03-22 Hong Kong (2)

On the cover, Yuen affixed three commemorative stamps from the 150th Anniversary of Stamp Issuance in Hong Kong series. Four special cancels were applied. The black cancel depicts the famous Hong Kong ferry while the red cancel features a postmark stamp. The postmark date is 12 January 2013.

2013-03-22 Hong Kong (3)

Inside is a postcard issued for the same event.

2013-03-22 Hong Kong (1)

This is the back of the postcard. Thank you very much Yuen!

#651 Cover and Stamp from Argentina

Argentina          Argentina_Buenos Aires

A beautiful cover from Argentina, sent by Cernjul Viviana of Buenos Aires.

2013-03-21 Argentina (1)

It’s a pre-stamped cover and Viviana added another four colorful stamps. The postmark date is 7 January 2013.

2013-03-21 Argentina (3)

Inside is a nice holiday’s greeting card.

2013-03-21 Argentina (2)

Viviana also sent me a sheet of stamps from Argentina showing various children games. Thanks a lot Viviana!

#647 Cover from Brazil

Brazil          Brazil-Sao Paulo

A nice cover from Brazil, sent by Antonio Squarcina of Sao Paulo.

2013-03-20 Brazil

On this cover, Antonio affixed four commemorative stamps about art in stamps and three definitive stamps. The postmark date is 19 January 2013 and the location is Taubate, Sao Paulo. Thanks a lot Antonio!

#646 Cover and Postcards from Hong Kong

China          Hong Kong

A nice RAS cover from Hong Kong, sent by Alan Leung.

2013-03-19 Hong Kong (1)

On the cover, Alan affixed three stamps that commemorate 150th anniversary fo stamp issuance in Hong Kong. The postmark date is 30 December 2012.

2013-03-19 Hong Kong (2)

Inside the cover, Alan sent me two beautiful postcards about the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. The first postcar shows one of the religious statues used in the festival parade.

2013-03-19 Hong Kong (3)

The second postcard shows children dressing as historical heroes and legendary persons for the festival parade. Thanks a lot Alan!

#641 Cover from Czech Republic

Czech Republic          Czech Republic-Prague

A surprise cover from Czech Republic! This one is from Dr. Radim J. Vasut.

2013-03-16 Czech Republic

On this cover, Radim affixed three stamps, one of them is a large rectangular stamp with a view of the City of Prague. The cancels applied contain silhoutte of the city. The postmark date is 31 December 2012. Thank you very much Radim!

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