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#894 Postcard from China


A postcard from China, received through official postcrossing from Snow Lu.

2013-08-23 China 1a

The postcard shows an elevated highway in Shanghai.

2013-08-23 China 1b

At the back, Snow affixed one cat stamp and a pair of beautiful flower setenant stamps. The postmark date is 24 July 2013. Thanks a lot Snow!


#850 Cover and Postcards from Hong Kong

China          Hong Kong

A cover from Hong Kong, sent by Alan Leung.

2013-07-16 Hong Kong a

It’s a blue cover. Alan affixed a large souvenir sheet that celebrates the opening of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on 13 June 2013. The postmark date is 3 July 2013.

2013-07-16 Hong Kong b

Inside there are two postcards. The first one show the giant Buddha statue at Po Lin Monastery in Ngong Ping in Lantau Island.

2013-07-16 Hong Kong c

The second postcard shows the colorful advertising billboards that dominate the streets in Kowloon. Thank you very much Alan!

#751 Cover and Postcards from Hong Kong

China          Hong Kong

A cover and postcards from Hong Kong, sent by Alan Leung.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong a

On the cover, Alan affixed two commemorative stamps and two definitive stamps. The commemorative stamps show drawings of pets by children. Two special cancels were applied on the cover. The postmark date is 15 April 2013 and the location is Tsim Sha Tsui. Inside there are two psotcards.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong b

This postcard shows the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) standards.

2013-05-12 Hong Kong c

This one commemorate the Hong Kong 97 Stamp Exhibition held in 1997. Note that the postcard contains a hologram stamp on it. Thank you very much Alan!


#691 Cover and Souvenir Sheets from India


A large cover from India, sent by Elton D’souza of Goa.

2013-03-28 India (1)

On the cover, Elton affixed two tiger stamps. The postmark date is 31 January 2013 and the location is Margao.

2013-03-28 India (2)

Inside, Elton sent four mint souvernir-sheets. This one shows four beautiful railway stations in major cities in India.

2013-03-28 India (3)

The second souvenir sheet shows the Jawaharlal Nehru and Talkatora Stadium used in Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

2013-03-28 India (4)

The third souvenir sheet commemorates the 2nd Africa-India Forum Summit in 2011. The stamps feature African elephant and Asian elephant.

2013-03-28 India (5)

The last souvenir-sheet is a joint-issue between India and Phillippines that feature gangetic dolphin and whale shark.

2013-03-28 India (6)

Elton also gave me a number of Australian used stamps. Thanks a lot Elton for all these stuffs!

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