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#941 Postcard from Edmonton, Alberta

Canada          Alberta          Alberta-Edmonton

A postcard from Edmonton, the provincial capital of Alberta, sent by Katrina for Canada to Canada tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-09-19 Alberta a

The postcard shows a nightview of Alberta Legislature Building seen from the Great Divide Waterfall.

2013-09-19 Alberta b

At the back, Katrina used one definitve stamp. Thanks a lot Katrina!


#841 Cover and Postcards from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

A surprise cover from Sri Lanka, sent by Dr. M.J.M. Mikram!

2013-07-10 Sri Lanka a

On the cover, Mikram affixed four stamps featuring animals at Horton Plains National Park. The postmark date is 25 June 2013.

2013-07-10 Sri Lanka b

Inside there are two postcards. This one shows three waterfalls in Sri Lanka: Diyaluma Falls, St. Clair’s Falls, and Ravana Falls.

2013-07-10 Sri Lanka c

This postcard shows a beautiful beach scenery at Beruwala. Thank you very much Mikram!


#328 Postcard from Russia


A waterfall postcard received from postcrosser Stephanie from Sochi, Russia, under waterfall tag in postcrossing forum.

It shows the beautiful Dzhegosh waterfalls in Russia.

On the back, Stephanie affixed one colorful souvenir sheet on Sochi as the host for XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014. Thank you Stephanie!

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