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#947 Cover and Postcard from the British Virgin Islands

United Kingdom          British Virgin Islands

A cover from the Brisith Virgin Islands, sent by Patrick Hevaghan for Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2013-09-20 BVI a

On the cover, Patrick used five beautiful stamps. The postmark date is 23 August 2013 and the location is Road Town Post Office in Tortola.

2013-09-20 BVI b

Inside is a beautiful postcard of a beach in Tortola. Thank you very much Patrick!


#728 Cover from Belarus

Belarus          Belarus-Minsk

A cover from Belarus, sent by Andrei Rykhalski for Nice Cover Circuit exchange in postcrossing forum.

2013-04-13 Belarus (1)

It’s a blue cover with six colorful stamps! There is a WWF dragonfly, definitive lily, Europa forests, historical tower, owl and Antartic penguins. The postmark date is 21 March 2013.

2013-04-13 Belarus (2)

Inside is a postcard with a painting from Belarus. Thanks a lot Andrei!

#633 Cover and Postcard from Russia


A lovely winter gift from postcrosser Vadim Dmitriev of Russia for participants in Architecture and Landmark RR in postcrossing forum.

2013-03-15 Russia (1)

Vadim sent a lovely cover with animal stamps. The postmark date is 21 December 2012 and the location is Moscow.

2013-03-15 Russia (2)

At the bakc of the cover, there are two red marks.

2013-03-15 Russia (4)

Inside are two postcards: one is a cute cartoon!

2013-03-15 Russia (3)

The second postcard shows the beautiful Kremlin in winter. Thank you very much Vadim!

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