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#20 Cover and Postcards from Poland

My first cover from Poland! It’s from Waldemar Szledak. The cover and stamp used are about Polish Coffee (I suppose!). Besides that, Waldemar also fixed two additional stamps on the cover.

Inside the cover there are two postcards. The first one has a painting of an old town in Poland.

The second postcard is also a painting of three penguins playing in a field.

Thank you very much Waldemar!

#19 Cover from Korea

My third Korean cover from Kim Yeonjoon! It was addressed to Malaysia.

Joony puts two same stamps on the cover. The stamp is about PyeongChang, the designated venue for 2018 Olympic Winter Games. This will be the third time an Asian city was chosen as the venue for the game. Thank you very much Joony!

#18 Postcard from United States

Another postcard received from USA through postcrossing while on vacation in Malaysia.

This time it’s from Los Angeles, California!

Thank you very much Jamie.

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