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#618 Cover from Ukraine


A cover from Ukraine, sent by postcrosser Olesya I. for exchange of covers with minisheet arranged by Nice Cover Circuit in postcrossing forum.

2012-12-12 Ukraine

On the cover, Olesya affixed one beautiful souvenir sheet with two stamps showing the flag and coat of arm of Ukraine. The souvenir sheet looks very elegant as it is decorated with golden line and colorful motifs. There are also two definitive stamps on top right. The postmark date is 29 November 2012. Thank you very much Olesya!

#617 Postcard from Japan


A postcard from Japan, sent by postcrosser Tomomi T. for Japan and the rest of the World Tag in postcrossing forum.

2012-12-12 Japan 2a

The postcard shows a pictorial map of Japan! How nice!

2012-12-12 Japan 2b

At the back, Tomomi affixed one cute Hello Kitty stamp – how lovely!!! The postmark date is 29 November 2012 and the location is Shintokyo, Tokyo. Thanks a lot Tomomi!

#616 Postcard from Taiwan


A postcard from Taiwan, sent by postcrosser Emilia for North America meets the World RR in postcrossing forum.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 3a

It’s a map of Taipei MRT with important places in Taipei and locations of Bonjour Bakery and Cafe!

2012-12-12 Taiwan 3b

At the back, Emilia used two flower stamps. The postmark date is 28 November 2012. Thanks a lot Emilia!


#615 FDC from Taiwan


This is the other Lunar New Year of Snake FDC from Taiwan.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 2a

This cover is bigger, and the sender affixed one large souvenir sheet and one stamp from the issue. The postmark date is 3 December 2012. Unfortunately I cannot identify the sender! If you are reading this please comment.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 2b

This is the back of the cover. Thank you very much to the sender!

#614 FDC from Taiwan


I received two FDCs of the Lunar New Year of Snake from Taiwan, and both of them are without sender’s information. Let me guess.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 1a

I guess this smaller FDC is from S Chuang based on my address label print. On this cover, Chuang affixed two Year of Snake stamps and one postage label stamp to make up the postage rate. The postmark date is 3 December 2012.

2012-12-12 Taiwan 1b

This is the back of the cover. Thanks a lot S Chuang!

#613 Postcard from Rostock, Germany

Germany          Germany-Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania          Germany-Rostock

A posrcard from Germany, sent by postcrosser Virginia from Rostock through official postcrossing.

2012-12-12 Germany a

It shows a beautiful view of Rostock across Warnow River.

2012-12-12 Germany b

At the back, Virginia used the Regensburg UNESCO stamp. Special postmark that features the map of Rostock was applied. The postmark date is 6 December 2012. Thank you Virginia!

#612 Postcard from Washington D.C., USA

United States           Washington, D.C.

A postcard from Washington D.C. sent by postcrosser Erin O. for North America December 2012 RR in postcrossing forum.

2012-12-12 DC a

The postcard shows cherry blossoms with Washington Monument at background.

2012-12-12 DC b

At the back, Erin affixed four colorful stamps. The postmark date is 3 December 2012 but the location is not clear. Thanks a lot Erin!

#611 Postcard from California, USA

United States          California

A postcard from California, USA, sent by postcrosser Oriana H. for North America December 2012 RR in postcrossing forum.

2012-12-12 CA a

The postcard actress Sarah Bernhardt.

2012-12-12 CA b

At the back, Oriana affixed one Christmas stamp and one Forever Earth View stamp that features glacier and icebergs. The postcard was signed by participants to the Southern California Postcrossing Meet Up on 2 December 2012. The postmark date is 3 December 2012 and the location is Santa Clarita, California. Thanks a lot Oriana!

#610 Postcard from Minas Gerais, Brazil

Brazil          Brazil-Minas Gerais          Brazil-Ouro Preto

A postcard from Minas Gerais, Brazil, sent by postcrosser Gisely P. for Brazil to rest of the world tag in postcrossing forum.

2012-12-12 Brazil a

The postcard shows Saint Francis of Assissi Church in Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site designate city in Minas Gerais. Unfortunately, the top left corner was damaged – perhaps the postcard was soaked wet so it stuck to other letters.

2012-12-12 Brazil b

At the back, Gisely affixed two stamps, and the stamp on top right was also badly damaged. The postmark date is 26 November 2012 and the location is Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Thanks a lot Gisely for checking my favorites and sending one to me!

#609 Postcard from Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia           Kedah

Another postcard from Langkawi Island in Kedah, Malaysia! This one is from Ian Choong.

2012-12-12 Langkawi a

Ian sent me a postcard showing the beautiful Payar Island, one of the hundreds on islands in Langkawi archipelago. Payar Island is surrounded by coral reef and it is a marine park.

2012-12-12 Langkawi b

At the back, Ian affixed one stamp showing the horned frog or leaf frog. The postmark date is 27 November 2012 but unfortunately location (Langkawi, Kedah) is not clear – perhaps due to the postcard paper. This is the same with my other postcards from Langkawi. Thanks a lot Ian for this postcard!

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