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#701 Cover from Japan with Maxicard from China and Postcards from South Korea


A cover from Japan, sent by Choi Jaewoo.

2013-04-01 Japan (1)

It’s a brown cover. Choi affixed one 110 Yen stamp and drawed a tree on the cover. The postmark date is 16 February 2013 and the location is Kusatshu Shiga, Japan. Choi sent several items in the cover – three postcards from South Korea and one maximum card from China. The three postcards from South Korea were issued in 2012 to commemorate diplomatic ties with other countries.

2013-04-01 Japan (4)

The first postcard was issued on 24 August 2012 to commemorate 20 years of friendship between South Korea and China.

2013-04-01 Japan (2)

The second postcard was issued on 24 September 2012 to mark the 5oth anniversary of diplomatic ties between South Korea and 15 countries in Latin America.

2013-04-01 Japan (3)

The third postcard was issued on 16 October 2012 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

2013-04-01 Japan (5)

This is the maximum card from China. It features the Temple of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong Province, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The stamp depicts a portrait of Confucius. The postmark date is 28 September 2010. Thanks a lot Choi!


#671 New Year Greetings from South Korea

South Korea

A cover from South Korea, sent by Kim Yeonjoon.

2013-03-23 South Korea (1)

It’s a pre-stamped season’s greeting cover issued by Korea Post. Joony affixed three additional stamps to make up the postage rate. The cancellation date is not very clear, I think it is 11 December 2012.

2013-03-23 South Korea (2)

This is the back of the envelope.

2013-03-23 South Korea (3)

Inside is a beautiful greeting card with nice words.

Joony also sent me some items issued by Korea Post in conjunction with Year of Snake.

2013-03-23 South Korea (6)

First is a souvenir sheet that depicts a snake and a kid playing ‘jaegichagi‘.

2013-03-23 South Korea (7)

Second is a sheet of snake stamps.

2013-03-23 South Korea (8)

Third is a sheet of jaegichagi stamps.

2013-03-23 South Korea (5)

Next is an FDC with the snake stamp.

2013-03-23 South Korea (4)

Fifth is an FDC with jaegichagi stamp.

2013-03-23 South Korea (9)

This is the pamphlet that contains information about the New Year of Snake issue.

2013-03-23 South Korea (10)

Here is the back of the pamphlet. Thank you very much Joony!

#413 Cover and Postcard from Japan, Stamps from Korea

A cover from Japan, sent by my friend Choi Jaewoo.

On the cover, Choi affixed five stamps. The postmark date is 2 September 2012 and the location is Kusatsu Shiga. Choi sent a postcard inside.

It’s a black and white postcard showing the Osaka Prefectural Commercial Museum.

Choi also sent several stamps from South Korea. Those stamps are really cute and beautiful. Thank you very much Choi!


#402 Cover, Postcards from Japan with FDC from Taiwan and Stamps from Korea

A cover from Japan, sent by Choi Jaewoo!

There are 10 stamps on the cover! The postmark date is 20 August 2012 and the location is Kusatsu Shiga, Japan. Choi sent two Japanese postcards inside.

This is the first postcard.

This is the second postcard.

Choi also sent me the Congratulations FDC from Taiwan.

Then there are also four stamps from Korea!

Thanks a lot Choi for all these stuffs!

#257 Cover from South Korea

A cover from South Korea, sent by my friend Kim Yeonjoon.

On the cover, Joony affixed two stamps from the International Postage Stamp Design Contest special stamps set issued on 25 April 2012.

On the back of the cover, Joony put one additional stamp to make up the postage rate.

Here are the details of the International Postage Stamp Design Contest special stamps issue.

Thank you very much Joony!

#154 Philatelic Items from South Korea

My dear South Korean friend, Kim Yeon Joon, sent a large cover to me last month. It arrived in my mailbox on March 29, 2012. When I opened it, I was so surprised to see so many things that Joony sent inside the cover. There are so many things inside that I couldn’t upload it into my blog until now.

First, there are two magazines that contain information about South Korean stamps. This is the first magazine:

The second magazine is bigger in size:

Then there are a number of mint stamps and souvenir sheets:

Korean-Made characters series stamps (2nd edition).

50th anniversary of Korea-Thailand diplomatic relations (2008).

Fascinating tourism destinations in Korea.

World heritage special stamps.

Four lotus stamps.

The 30th anniversary of Korea-UAE diplomatic relations (2010).

Four fish stamps.

Joony sent two FDCs:

The 50th anniversary of Korea-Mexico diplomatic relations (2012).

The 50th anniversary of Colombia-Mexico diplomatic relations (2012).

Two stamped postcards:

And last but not least, nine postcards:

Seoul Lantern Festival, Nov 4-20, 2011.

EXPO Science Park.

Mount Changtae Recreational Forest.

Taechong Lake.

I don’t know what is this place since everything on the back is written in Korean.

Mount Kyejok The Evening Glow.

Mount Shikchang Natural Forest.

Yusong Hot Springs.

This card also has no explanation in English. Perhaps its a mode lof a new stadium.

Thank you very very much Joony for all this stuff!

#72 Cover,greeting card, FDCs and stamps from South Korea

A very thick cover from my dear Korean friend, Kim Yeonjoon!

Inside is a beautiful Year of the Dragon’s greeting card.

And there are several other items:

Three FDCs:

Two souvenir sheets of Year of the Dragon’s stamps:

And a postcard I believe.

Thanks a lot Joony for all these items!

#19 Cover from Korea

My third Korean cover from Kim Yeonjoon! It was addressed to Malaysia.

Joony puts two same stamps on the cover. The stamp is about PyeongChang, the designated venue for 2018 Olympic Winter Games. This will be the third time an Asian city was chosen as the venue for the game. Thank you very much Joony!

#17 Cover from Korea

My second cover from Kim Yeonjoon! This time I received it while I was on vacation in Malaysia.

Thank you very much Joony!

#11 Cover, postcards and stamps from Korea

Today I received a thick cover from Republic of Korea. It’s from Kim Yeonjoon.

On the cover, Kim put two stamps that commemmorate the 50th anniversary of Korea-Portugal diplomatic relations in 2011 (click here for Korea Post web on this joint-issue). These stamps are jointly issued by Korea Post and its Portuguese counterpart, CTT. The stamp on the left features Korea’s ‘Turtle Ship’ and the one on the right shows the Portugal’s ‘Nau’ armed commercial vessel. Both were powerful warships during the 16th century.

Then there are three Korean postcards inside the cover:

1) 10th anniversary of the establishment of Korea Post.

2) The 60th anniversary of women’s service in the armed forces.

3) The 30th anniversary of the Press Arbitration Commission.

Kim also sent few mini-sheets to me:

1) Two triangle Philately Week special stamps.

2) Chinese Lunar New Year – Year of the Rabbit.

3) Chinese Lunar New Year – Year of the Tiger.

The rabbit and the tiger characters on the stamps are very cute and pretty. Thank you very much Joony for all these stuff!

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