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#13 Postcard from Germany

Postcard from Germany received through postcrossing, DE-925330.

I think the words on the front of the postcard translate into “Beautiful North Sea.” Please correct me if I am wrong, hehe…

Two beautiful flower stamps used; on the left is the crocus flower and the right is carthusian pink. Thank you Lothar!

#12 Postcard from Finland

Postcard received from Finland through postcrossing, FI-1093507.

It shows a colorful painting by artist Masha D’yans.

The image of the girl and butterflies remind me of one of my all time favorite Chinese movies: The Butterfly Lovers a.k.a. Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.Thank you Paivi!

#11 Cover, postcards and stamps from Korea

Today I received a thick cover from Republic of Korea. It’s from Kim Yeonjoon.

On the cover, Kim put two stamps that commemmorate the 50th anniversary of Korea-Portugal diplomatic relations in 2011 (click here for Korea Post web on this joint-issue). These stamps are jointly issued by Korea Post and its Portuguese counterpart, CTT. The stamp on the left features Korea’s ‘Turtle Ship’ and the one on the right shows the Portugal’s ‘Nau’ armed commercial vessel. Both were powerful warships during the 16th century.

Then there are three Korean postcards inside the cover:

1) 10th anniversary of the establishment of Korea Post.

2) The 60th anniversary of women’s service in the armed forces.

3) The 30th anniversary of the Press Arbitration Commission.

Kim also sent few mini-sheets to me:

1) Two triangle Philately Week special stamps.

2) Chinese Lunar New Year – Year of the Rabbit.

3) Chinese Lunar New Year – Year of the Tiger.

The rabbit and the tiger characters on the stamps are very cute and pretty. Thank you very much Joony for all these stuff!

#10 Postcard from Spain

The very much awaited postcard from Spain! It’s from my dear Spanish friend, Emilio. At first, I decided to send a postcard to Emilio after reading his blog ‘Postcards in my mailbox’. Then I received a messege from Emilio through postcrossing. I was so surprised since he was able to track my postcrossing member ID as I did not write anything about postcrossing on my postcard!

So Emilio asked me what kind of postcard do I want in return. Since he is from Madrid, I asked for a picture of the Royal Palace of Madrid, the official seat of the Spanish monarchy. So here is the postcard!

My apartment number was written a bit small, but I guess the postman had no problem reading it! 🙂 Muchas gracias Emilio!

#9 Cover from Italy

Another surprise as I checked my mailbox today, another cover from Giovanni also!

The stamps used show Emilio Sargari, one of the most famous and influential adventure novel writers in the world. Interestingly, I found that there’s a series of his adventure novels that were written using the background of East Malaysia! The series are known as ‘Tigers of Malaysia’ , and there are five novels under this series that have been translated into English. Perhaps I shall spend some time of my summer holidays to get these novels and read them!  Grazie mille Giovanni!

#8 Cover from Italy

I was surprised to find a nice cover from Italy in the mailbox today. It’s from Giovanni!

The stamps on the cover mark 50th anniversary of the first human being to journey into outer space, Yuri Gagarin. Thank you very much Giovanni!

#7 Postcard from Ukraine

Postcard from Ukraine received through postcrossing, UA-102687.

It came in an envelope.

Sadly I cannot understand a word behind the card except those written by the sender… 😦

Thank you Bozhena!

#6 Maximum Card from Australia

A maxi-card from Australia received through postcrossing, AU-135096.

Very beautiful painting of flowers. The title of the painting is “Still Life, Zinnias” by Roy de Maistre, 1925-30.

Thank you Xue!

#5 Postcard from Latvia

Postcard from Latvia, received through postcrossing, LV-34148.

Valmiera, biggest town in Renceni.

Ottawa mispelled as Otava 🙂 Thank you Juris!

#4 Postcard from Germany


Third postcard received through postcrossing, DE-911757.

GruBe aus Hamburg => Greetings from Hamburg.

Thank you Malte!

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