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#599 Cancels from Mankota, Saskatchewan

Canada           Saskatchewan

A cover with pictorial cancels from Mankota Post Office in Saskatchewan.

2012-12-06 SK

The cancel features two horses with motto ‘The Heart of the West’. The postmark date is 29 November 2012. Thank you Postmaster!


#576 Cancels from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


A cover with cancels from Saskatoon Post Office in the province of Saskatchewan.

I used once commemorative stamp that features Tommy Douglas, the former premier of Saskatchewan on the cover with two low-value beneficial insect stamps. The cancel features the view of downtown Saskatoon with University Bridge across South Saskatchewan River. The postmark date is 22 November 2012. Thank you Postmaster!

#467 Cancel from Regina, Saskatchewan


A cover with cancel from Regina Post Office in Regina, the provincial capital of Saskatchewan.

On the cover, I affixed one art deco stamp that features the Dominion Building in Regina. The cancel depicts the 100th Grey Cup tournament in 2012. The postmark date is 30 September 2012 and the loaction is Regina.

#446 Cancels from Turtleford, Saskatchewan


A cover with cancels from Turtleford Post Office, Saskatchewan.

On the cover, I used one Franklin the turtle stamp and two beneficial insect stamps. The postmaster applied two cancels. The cancel depicts a turtle, and that’s why I used Franklin the turtle stamp to match the cancel. The postmark date is 4 October 2012. Thank you Postmaster!

#440 Cancels from Tisdale, Saskatchewan


A cover with cancels from Tisdale Post Office in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I put several insect stamps on the cover, including two bee stamps since the cancel of Tisdale Post Office features a bee. The postmark date is 3 October 2012 and the theme is “The Place to Bee.” Thank you very much Postmaster!

#116 Cancel from Davidson, SK

Another cover with cancel from Saskatchewan! This one is from Davidson Post Office.

Thank you Postmaster!

#115 Cancel from Mendham, SK

A cover with cancel from Mendham Post Office in Saskatchewan.

Thank you Postmaster!

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