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#938 Cover and Postcard from Braunschweig, Germany

Germany          Germany-Lower Saxony          Germany-Braunschweig

A cover from Germany, sent by Dustin for a private swap.

2013-09-06 Germany a

On the cover, Dustin affixed three beautiful bird stamps. Two special bird cancels were applied. The postmark date is 8 August 2013 and the location is Walsrode.

2013-09-06 Germany b

Inside is a postcard showing multiviews of Braunschweig. Thank you very much Dustin!

#876 Postcard from Norderney Island, Germany

Germany          Germany-Lower Saxony          Germany-Norderney

A postcard from Norderney Island, Germany, sent by postcrosser Gosiek S. who was on vacation there for Vacation RR in postcrossing forum.

2013-08-10 Germany 1a

The postcard shows multiple pictures of Norderney Island, one of the seven East Frisian Islands in the North Sea.

2013-08-10 Germany 1b

At the back, Gosiek affixed one definitive stamp. The postmark date is 10 July 2013. Thanks a lot Gosiek!

#796 Postcard from Germany

Germany          Germany-Lower Saxony

A postcard from Germany, sent by postcrosser Jelena through official postcrossing.

2013-06-19 Germany a

What a cute postcard!

2013-06-19 Germany b

At the back, Jelena affixed two stamps. The cancel depicts the New Town Hall of Hannover, the state capital of Lower Saxony. The postmark date is 16 June 2013. Thanks a lot Jelena!

#650 Cover and Postcard from Germany

Germany          Germany-Lower Saxony

A cover from Germany, sent by Igor Adolph.

2013-03-21 Germany (3)

On the cover, Igor used the Regensburg UNESCO stamp. Special children Christmas cancel was applied with date 24 December 2012 and location Himmelsthür.

2013-03-21 Germany (1)

Inside the cover, Igor sent me an old Christmas postcard that was originally posted from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Paris. Two one cent stamps were affixed on the front of the postcard, the postmark date is 13 December.

2013-03-21 Germany (2)

This is the back of the postcard. Thank you very much Igor for such a special gift!

#620 Postcard from Osnabrück, Germany

Germany          Germany-Lower Saxony

A postcard from Osnabrück, Germany, sent by postcrosser Sabine for Canada RR in postcrossing forum.

2013-03-09 Germany a

It’s a multiview postcard showing places of interest in Osnabrück, a city in Lower Saxony.

2013-03-09 Germany b

The postmark date is December 20, 2012. Thank you Sabine!

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